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Think twice before attending your local gym class.

I spend my day making decisions. What time will wake up? What will I wear, eat, drink, say? According to thinkingbusinessblog, the average adult makes a whopping  35,000 decision per day! So when it comes to fitness and Yoga, my preference is to concentrate on my breathing and follow instructions. Often I lose track of how many reps I have done! I guess it’s all part of getting in the ‘Zone’. 

Whilst being away from Bristol and my usual training with Tom, I have been attending fitness classes at a top of the UK’s top gyms (just happens to be my local) that focus on problem areas of the body such as stomach, legs and bum along other classes like weight lifting (my favourite) and Yoga. I have attempted spinning, however, my performance was so awful, I’m pretending it simply never happened. 

                                     Screenshot 2017-09-18 12.19.48_copy1

I’m very aware that lots of people pay money for low-quality trainers that train recklessly, (Eg. 100 squats as fast as you can) but I wasn’t prepared too see dangerous training on such a large scale.

My initial shock to the absence of any class introductions was quickly surpassed by the lack of instruction and general attention towards the correct posture, for example in weight lifting. Not having the correct posture when lifting a weight can put your spine under extreme stress and cause a slipped disk! Treatment for a injury like that can be expensive and even with treatment, will potentially cause injury and discomfort for the rest of your life.



Even where pointers on safety or technique were given, only those with super sensitive hearing could hear them over the noise of the blaring music. The class was led by a large male with a completely different physical capacity to anyone in the class. Instruction and guidance on size weights appropriate to my body weight and physique was sadly lacking. Choosing a suitable weight was akin to a free-for-all in Sports Direct on Black Friday. Not a pretty sight!

Weight repetitions were executed too fast and in too quick succession with inadequate time to rest. 

Below is an image of me trying to keep up.




I don’t think there was one person who both successfully and correctly completed any of the sequences. Rapid repetitions surely have benefits in terms of weight loss, but this most definitely comes hand in hand with a pulled muscle. What happens when the class attendees are let loose alone in the gym? With no adequate training on things as basic as simply lifting a weight from the ground, I winced whenever the instructor requested we do so.

At one point, my friend who I attended the class alongside, was jumping back and forth off a block so quickly, that much to my delight, she catapulted herself across the room. 

The aim of this article is not to name and shame but to point out that getting a trainer who genuinely cares about your personal safety, pervious injuries, posture, technique and ability, is imperative!

The slightest change of posture can alter your workout entirely and work muscles harder bringing greater benefit in a shorter space of time… I’m thinking back to practising a simple exercise with the guidance of Tom, where you sit on a bench whilst holding a medicine ball and repetitively stand up using only one leg. The intensity of the exercise was then suddenly increased when Tom instructed me to lean forward. The easiest exercises are often the ones we enjoy most and are also the ones that may not be challenging enough. On auto-pilot, humans will always take the easiest option. By training harder with a knowledgeable instructor, I cut the expense and frequency of my sessions and end up with amazing results, no injury and most importantly, I have learned to train independently and I am confident enough to do so (something I thought I would never hear myself say).

For optimum results, I would recommend a Personal trainer.  I appreciate however that it can be expensive and therefore not an option for everyone. ProTom Fitness releases spaces every so often on a Group PT programme, which significantly reduces the cost of training yet produces the same tailored results!  It can often be more fun working towards fitness goals in small groups. I have developed friendships with some of the other inspirational attendees and the ‘family vibe’ that runs through ProTom Fitness will ensure that you never feel as though you're working towards your fitness goal alone!

Get in touch now through this link Contact us

or check out our local class timetable Timetables

Wishing you all the best,



My 6 pack plan! Could it work for you?

Hi everyone,

This is my second video regarding fasting and intermittent fasting. (Previous article: read HERE)


Setting yourself goals is a great way of keeping track of progress and witnessing how the bodies needs change over time. My goal was to get my 6 pack back! Food is fuel for the body. If it wasn’t difficult enough to essentially starve the body, by tampering with my eating routine, I’m also tempering with lots of different emotions. It’s essential to not let your mind overrun the needs of your body throughout this process. If you’d like to get into fasting you must be strict with your diet plan, food groups and eating times. 


I love reading books on the subject of fasting and then refining/changing up my personal plans and sharing my knowledge via my blog and within training sessions with my clients! It is very easy to quickly store weight if a plan is not executed properly. There are so many different diet plans out there, with the help of Peter, our very committed dietician, I am looking to try a few different things out and see whats best for my body!

Please get in touch if this video has sparked an interest in fasting for you. I’m happy to answer any questions and have a chat about potential options for your lifestyle or any goals you would like to achieve. 

Get in touch through the link below. 

i'm interested in finding out more


How I'm getting my fitness back on track!

Recently I’ve been finding it very difficult to motivate myself.

It’s extremely easy to find yourself overwhelmed by different commitments and luckily for me, many new opportunities.

I’ve recently moved to London to pursue some personal passions. I’ll be returning to Bristol very shortly to resume my training with Tom and I’m looking forward to getting back into a solid routine! I was working extremely hard between January and April, training three times a week and enthusiastically working towards my degree. I made the mistake of completely letting go of all of my commitments and deciding to travel after my deadlines. I had an amazing time and got the chance to see some beautiful places in the sun but I went for too long and lost track of something I hard worked very hard to achieve. Check out some of my pictures from my adventures below!




Sometimes we tell ourselves that we deserve a ‘break’ and that it will be good for us and our mental states! Realistically, a break shouldn’t involve disregarding all of the things that make you feel amazing on a day-to-day basis and I’ve learnt that the hard way.

I stopped training altogether. Within a few weeks of traveling around Asia, I fell and had a serious leg injury. I tore the ligaments in my good ankle (for those of you who’ve read some of my previous articles, I’m taking about the leg that I didn’t previously break). I’m not saying that if I had trained regularly, I wouldn’t have broken it… but with consistent exercise, my diet would have been better and my body would have been feeling in tip-top shape.


After my leg injury it was a downwards spiral. I very limited access to health care and there was absolutely no chance of me being able to train, let alone walk!

A family member falling ill cut my travels short and I returned to the UK. Returning home was difficult. As i’m sure we can all relate, I found myself being pulled in a million different directions (child minding, my job, university work, family time and friends) and I found little time to concentrate on things that would benefit my health. (Things I genuinely enjoy when I get the opportunity to do so like Yoga, weights and boxing.)

As I mentioned previously, I’m now in London and i’m working at an internship that is very demanding of my time. In terms of fitness, I sort of feel like I’m beginning from scratch again. My once defined muscles have now been replaced with fat. I’m certainly not looking as good in my clothes anymore and my confidence has taken a hit. Sound familiar?

My lack of motivation to train also reflects my diet. Whats the point in going to the gym if i’m not going to eat food that compliments my training?

For around 2 weeks I basked in negativity (and frappachinos) and i’m finally ready to pull myself out of it. The only person in control of my life is me and at this rate, i’ll find myself back in the unhealthy mental and physical state that I fought so hard to get out of.

I’m attending weight and yoga classes at a local gym until I can resume training with ProTom Fitness in Bristol. I’m regularly eating at meal times and have cut out a large proportion of sugar from my diet. I can honestly say that it’s been a lot easier then I thought it would and i’m finally feeling really, really good.

The positive impact has affected the quality of work I’m able to produce and the length of time I can concentrate. I’m able to make clear judgements and positively influence the people around me! (Even if i’m not getting home till 8pm every evening.)

I’ve realised that some of the best work I complete is done when i’m running on a little bit of adrenaline. Setting myself mini, realistic goals each day and making sure I actually have something to show for my time has given me the extra boost I’ve needed for quite some time.

My next post will be concerning some of the strange/dangerous experiences I’ve had at my local gym with hopes to shed some light on why it really is worth paying that extra bit of money for a quality personal instructor.

Thank you for reading and if you’re feeling inspired by my post, please give me some feed back! It’s easier to train when you know people are resonating with your story and sharing your struggles. 

If you’re thinking about trying out a weekly class with a well informed trainer, I strongly recommend Group PT with 4core Fitness!

Check out the timetables below!



Introducing Dominic - my ProTom Fitness journey


Hello, it's Dom here!

I thought I'd introduce myself and tell you a little bit about my background with ProTom Fitness.

On 9th June I left my regular 9-5 job in Bristol to become a full time Personal Trainer at ProTom Fitness. I had been teaching kickboxing and 4core Fitness evening classes for around 5 years and having gained a level 3 Personal Training qualification in May, I decided to make the jump into working at ProTom fitness full time. However to tell my story I think I need to start at the beginning of my ProTom Fitness journey...

In April 2009 aged 25 I moved to Bristol, once I found a job I signed up to a local gym and noticed that they had kickboxing classes; having always been interested in martial arts I decided to put my name down and turned up at 7.30pm on a Tuesday evening to meet Tom and give kickboxing a go. Back then if you had no previous experience Tom wouldn't let you throw a punch at your first session, it was all about stance and movement and I was all over the place!

This combined with the skipping-based warm up made for a disheartening first session but I was determined to stick with it and improve. I dedicated 30 mins every day to learning how to skip so I wouldn't feel so left behind in the warm up and started attending 3-4 classes a week; within a few months I was competent enough to start sparring with Tom and I have never really looked back.

During this time I asked Tom if I could do some Personal Training sessions with him with a rather generic goal of losing belly fat and building upper body strength/muscle. I had had PT sessions with a number of trainers over the years but I kept picking up niggling shoulder injuries, as well as regularly aggravating a lower back problem that I had had since my mid-teens (a bilateral stress fracture of my L5 vertebra). This meant I could never train consistently and I never really achieved anything resembling my goals.

Tom's approach was almost immediately noticeably different, rather than chuck me on the treadmill for 15 mins and then put me on any number of weight machines (chest press, upright row, assisted pull up, leg extension etc) he put me though a variety of body-weight and medicine ball exercises to see how my body moved so he could understand my strengths and weaknesses. Tom then used his creativity and understanding of human biomechanics to provide me with a seemingly endless number of challenging exercises designed to strengthen and improve my body, to not only help me work towards my goals but also guard against future injury.

Tom's enthusiasm was and still is infectious and whilst his passion for correct execution of each exercise (no matter how complex!) can sometimes boil over to frustration I just saw this as a sign of how much he cared for his work and the well-being of his clients. Unfortunately due to my financial situation at the time I couldn't afford to train with Tom regularly but the sessions I had with him left a lasting impression.

Dom as a training client

Towards the end of 2011 Tom asked me if I could help out at some kickboxing classes and occasionally take a warm up if he was running late, he said he wouldn't be able to pay me but I could train for free at the classes where I helped out; I jumped at the chance and after a year or so Tom asked if I could take a couple of classes a week; in order to do this I would need a qualification for insurance purposes so he asked if I would be willing to do a Personal Training qualification.

I was hesitant because I didn't think I could do anywhere near as good a job as Tom but through encouragement and some cajoling Tom convinced me to give it a go; I did a Level 2 Personal Training qualification in early 2013 and then immediately started coaching kickboxing classes as well as occasionally coaching 4 Core Fitness classes. Once the nerves settled I quickly discovered that I had a passion for teaching and over time I took on more and more sessions until I was coaching almost every evening as Saturday mornings.

Over the next 3-4 years Tom has occasionally floated the idea of me working with him full time. I had always been interested but there was always something in the way holding me back. I decided that if I was to become a Personal Trainer then I would need to do something to separate me from the vast number of PTs already working in Bristol; I therefore signed up do a Level 5 Diploma in Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy which was a year long course that began in January 2015. Having done no real learning since dropping out of university more than a decade earlier (the level 2 course I did in 2013 wasn't very challenging and required minimal learning) this was quite a shock to the system! However the learning of anatomy and physiology would be invaluable. The amount of time spent practicing techniques and rote learning whilst holding down a 9-5 job and teaching evening classes would improve my time management skills no end!

Once I had completed the course and received my certification in June 2016 I started looking into doing a Level 3 PT course, this is a necessary qualification if you want to do 1-2-1 Personal Training. I began the course at the beginning of 2017 and completed it in May 2017. At some point in March Tom told me he was planning on going to Hungary for 2 weeks and asked if it would be possible for me to cover the days when he would be away. I decided that this would be as good a time as any to hand in my notice and try to work full time as a Personal Trainer for ProTom Fitness. 

I've never looked back! Working with Tom has been amazing and I look forward to what the future holds. If my story has resonated with you and you're wanting to tone up and get fit or have a sports massage, get in touch and we can arrange a consultation.

You can book an appointment with Dominic here


A goal without a plan is just a wish.

I am always very pleased to see people making the most of their lives by accomplishing goals!  BRISTOL TV has featured an amazing fitness role model, Claire Tiley, who speaks about her mental and physical preparation for a 10K run. Claire put in a lot of work to be able to accomplish an achievement such as this! 


I was asked by Bristol TV to showcase a selection of exercises suitable for someone training in a 10K race. A strong base gives a solid foundation for a healthy and fit body. All movements we make, walking, running, lifting or climbing come from our core area. Your body needs to behave like a well oiled machine. Seeing as your core is the one connection between all of your limbs, it makes sense that if it’s working at optimum level - the rest of your body will too! 

Having a strong core can improve running posture and speed as well as strengthening your limbs! 

Wondering how to train your core effectively? 

Despite the technological advancements in gym equipment. I always use classic medicine ball training to strengthen the core. In the words of Dieter Rams, 'Good design is as little design as possible.' Medicine ball training dates back to Ancient Greek civilisations making this equipment one of the oldest forms of strength and conditioning in the world.  Whilst doing this I ensure that the spine and pelvis are supported during movement!

As you can see from the video, with a little guidance, Claire executed my medicine ball exercises very well. Doing exercises such as these are great additions to your running workout! A well informed trainer can mentor you on safe and effective delivery of these medicine ball exercises. At ProTom fitness we actually educate our clients so they feel confident enough to train independently! 

Strategic planning will help you achieve your goals quickly. ProTom Fitness runs a specialised 8 week program giving you access to...

+ 1 weekly 4core fitness session.

+ 4 weeks access to our popular online training videos.

+ personalized gym/home core fitness plan.

+ Receive a medicine ball for free!!

We understand that factoring in extra time for something you don’t necessarily want to be doing is difficult. With some commitment, a routine and regular sessions with us, you’ll be able to turn every bad day into a good one.  

Maybe swap that cup of coffee in the morning for a 20 minute work out? Sounds daunting now but I can assure you, you’ll feel more awake and mentally more prepared for the day... Not to mention in the long run!

Speaking of long runs (pun intended)… have you ever considered doing a 10K race? Claire describes her journey as, ‘life changing’. At ProTom Fitness, we love to hear stories like this being celebrated. It resinates with us because our clients don’t depend on anyone but themselves. ProTom Fitness produces confident and happy people who feel like they can achieve anything! 

Are you able to train independently and effectively? Have you ever felt that rush of endorphins after a workout? 

ProTom Fitness can provide training regardless of injury, weight or schedule.

Get in touch through this link —> CONTACT US NOW and change your life. 
Check out Claire's blog through this link --> and be inspired. 

We have limited spaces available and are filling up quickly! Do not leave this till last minute.

Fit body, fit mind.

ProTom Fitness

1-2-3 Thai kickboxing fitness combination

This combination building up from 3 basic combinations towards a six element combination. Great to speed this drill up, however it is hard to keep the balance all the way through, especially in the end.

- Jab, cross, front roundhouse kick

- Cross, hook, rear roundhouse kick

- Hook, cross, hook, cross, front roundhouse rear roundhouse kick

When you practice with your partner try to focus on moving around the Thai pad holder especially behind his or her back. 

When you executed the first combination and finished the combination with your front roundhouse kick, say left leg, if left leg is your leading leg on your fighting stance.  Finishing the kick step out on the right to place your self on the left side of the pad holder. 

Execute the cross hook combination with the rear roundhouse kick and again step out to set your front hook to finish the routine with the 2 powerful kick in the end.

You need to imagine the first 2 combinations as a set up to your 3rd combination and finish with 2 heavy, and fast kicks .

Get in touch  or  book a trial

ProTom Fitness

I’m feeling generous on my birthday!

I love sharing my life with my clients. It helps me build relationships and make new interesting friends. 

Today I’d like to share with you the news that it is my 42nd birthday.

I was extremely busy doing absolutely nothing today!! This is very alien to me as many of you have come to know. I am always busy doing what I love, working and training people!

Those of you lucky enough to be on my mailing list for the past 2 years may remember the ‘6 pack challenge’ that I worked towards when I hit 40 years old. 

protom fitness 40th birthday

2 years already! Weirdly enough, I feel stronger and happier then ever! (Even without the 6 pack) I have spent the past 2 months getting my body in tip-top shape by cutting back sugar and eating healthily.  

I’d like to discuss sustainability. 

Sustainability means - the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level. Things in your life need to be sustainable if you have a specific goal you’d like to work towards.  Although sacrificing is important, I have been enjoying my life a little more in the past few years.

As many of you know, I have lots of experience and have been trained in educating people about health and fitness. 

Although I’m not a shredded trainer, this doesn’t reflect my abilities as a trainer. I refuse to sell falls hopes with unrealistic goals in order to make money. 

protom fitness birthday

I am always drilling my clients that fitness is the most important thing but today I would like to send out a different message.

I would like to have all our clients fit and healthy without getting too obsessed with their habits. I would like you all to remember to enjoy life! It is important to train, eat and live a way which can be prolonged to hit 60 and over.

Feeling balanced, strong and happy is more important than looking absolutely perfect. 

Anyway, today is my 42nd birthday and I would like to send out a special offer which is available for the next 24 hours.

Personally, I hate deals as it devalues a product and service. However, today is a special day! I’d also like to mention that last week , Dominic, a trainer of ours has gone from a part time trainer to a full time trainer! This is a wonderful celebration for ProTom Fitness.

Protom fitness and Dominic

So what is the deal? 

Very simple, do you need support in any way?

Please don’t be too shy to ask for assistance!

I have trainers that have the ability to help you reach your potential, regardless of the request. 

We are offering a 15% discount on our group PT 8 week course*!!

Our classes have been filling up very quickly so we have just added a final 6 spaces…

Email me to find out more information and become eligible for this 15% discount when booking our 8-week course!! 

*Booking this specialised program now gives you access to…

+ 1 weekly 4core fitness session.

+ 4 weeks access to our popular online training videos. 

+ personalized gym/home core fitness plan.

+ Receive a medicine ball for free!!

We are honest and reliable and we want to look after our clients as if they are family. 

I look forward to working together with all of my clients for many more birthdays to come. 

Take up this wonderful opportunity today and email back to this newsletter or drop me a line to

Claim the offer and get in touch

*new clients only

ProTom Fitness

Learn from your mistakes - Boxing

Some of you may remember a previous blog post documenting my visit to my home, Hungary. I always get involved in sports and activities whilst back home and have made it my mission to make the most of my time away and learn new skills from other coaches and trainers.

I focus so much of my time on expanding my knowledge with hopes to improve my personal training sessions that I often forget to devote time to myself! 

Although I dislike the monotone patterns in weight training and lifting, I will spend hours perfecting one move whilst practicing body weight moves, boxing or Thai kickboxing training. I do this in order to sync my muscles to fulfil the purpose of a punch.  

It still amazes me how stability and balance combined with a good stance, massively contributes to creating power through tempo and other elements. 

Below is a condensed video from a 60min training session. It's still rather long but I've showcased all the highlites and best moves I was practicing whist away!

in the video I have purposely left clips of my trainer correcting and guiding me. Corrections are an extremely important way of learning and I would never pay for a trainer who doesn't pay attention to me and my technique! 


Back in Szeged, Hungary, I train with one of the best boxing coaches at Szeged Boxing Club with Laszlo Gal (Boxing faceboo page) web:

Szeged Boxing Club

I hope I have inspired some people through this video! If you'd like to improve your technique, get a few tips or simply start from scratch, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us in Bristol, UK.


Book your trial session with us

ProTom Fitness

Are you doing your best?

Recently I've been thinking a lot about motivation VS. discipline and in particular, the motives behind motivation itself.

Why is it that many men and woman focus on and consequently achieve their goals, whilst others in the same physical condition and with similar aspirations, simply give up and achieve nothing.

Throughout my many years experience I've met so many people who have merely accepted their fitness circumstances. With little hope left, they have subscribed to the scam that is low quality and inexpensive PT and fitness classes.

These classes are usually promoted by self-righteous sports professionals offering seemingly amazing deals. These 'amazing deals' are quick fixes and can leave clients with weak and damaged muscles, which cause injury whilst exercising, as well as at home when carrying out daily chores. These injuries can cost a fortune in physio/chiropractor and medical bills to repair and could be easily have been avoided by seeking proper fitness advice, from experienced professionals.

What separates ProTom Fitness from other fitness providers is that once we have designed tailored workouts suited to your strengths and needs, we then take the time to educate you on how to execute each move in your specialised program properly, effectively and safely, thus enabling you to train independently. Invest your money in knowledge that will last and empower you.

There are no quick fixes at ProTom Fitness. We do things properly and want you to get the most out of your time with us. ProTom Fitness promises to provide a supportive, loyal and energetic environment for you to train each day, ensuring you leave each session with a conscious understanding of what you are doing and why you are doing it. Our continuing focus on your needs will result in positive changes in your fitness and mental wellbeing.

I'd like to share with you an example of some support we are currently providing for a client.

Laura (name changed for privacy purposes) suffers from a combination of complex conditions; 

- Joint Hypermobility
- Hyper-mobility Syndrome
- Fibromyalgia
- Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome


Laura suffers from these rare conditions (google search them for an interesting read) which are working against one another. Whilst information about these conditions is readily available, information regarding treatment, exercise routines and rehabilitation and prevention is not.

This case is an extreme example of how I provide a specialised service.

Question is - How can I help someone where is no literature, resources or research regarding the issue?

How can I ensure that I won't cause the client further pain?

Laura chose my services over 20 + Bristol trainers appearing on the first 2 Google search pages online. Laura requested a report regarding my approach, techniques and thoughts on how to handle the conditions she is suffering from. As my blog followers are aware, I am an advocate for safe and effective training, in particular with rehabilitation and hyper-mobility clients. I forwarded Laura my blog pages focused on these areas and she was pleased to sign up for a trail session. I couldn't treat Laura's illnesses individually. A complex plan needed to be devised in order to treat her illnesses as a whole.

I needed to modify basic exercises to suit Laura. Laura said that pervious trainers that she worked with just trained her as a 'text book' case by using basic exercises and then increasing weights over time. This isn't an appropriate method of training.  Trainers without knowledge of her illnesses cannot advise on such a sensitive issue.

Laura's apprehension made sense to sign up to a new personal trainer made sense. Following an assessment of Laura's range of motion, I carefully modified essential exercises to suit her needs. With a combination of common sense, knowledge I have accumulated from my experience, textbook information and a little thinking outside the box, Laura and I worked hard together to push through her set backs and train effectively.

At ProTom Fitness, we do not limit exercises and training systems and we are never scared to try something different. Training Laura was not without complications. Laura and I clashed at times regarding her pain threshold and range of movement and it was frustrating and hard for both of us to get the right balance of communication and feedback. Progress takes time and the time we dedicated has been worth it in the end.

In Laura's own words:

"I was diagnosed with all of the above three years ago. I've been on many medications and plans for these and so far nothing has worked. Therefore I'm not trying to lose weight, and instead I'm trying to learn to live with what I have"

I was inspired to write this post after communicating with Laura today. I hope I can inspire others to ask for help from a professional who will go to great lengths to support and advise. Don't look back, just move forward.

Here is Laura's email from today:

"Hope you're having a nice bank holiday. I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thank you for everything you're working on with me. I know sometimes I'm very quiet and it's hard to tell but I am trying very hard in our sessions. At the moment I have not been doing much on my own and I am very tired - a side effect of many things! But I do very much appreciate the work you have/ are doing with me and feel that it is having a positive impact slowly on my body/pain. Thanks for everything - looking forward to working with you over the next few months and see how everything goes!"

Do you need help or advice?

Get in touch with us. We are honest.

If we can help we will help!


Contact ProTom Fitness

ProTom Fitness

Improve your running without running

Sometimes, the best choice isn't always the most obvious.

With the marathon coming up, people are considering what type of training they are going to pursue.

Nobody likes wasted time... You'd understandably like to make sure you're workout is effective.

So, you decide to go for a run in order to train for the marathon. Whilst its amazing to keep your body moving and active, too much of anything, especially vigorous exercise, can be a bad thing.

Lets imagine you are burning wood in a stove. The burning wood creates smoke and this smoke clogs up the air.The same process happens when you exercise. Your body uses sugar and fat as a fuel and burns this fuel which in turn creates a by-product, something called, free radicals.

Free radicals cause chain reaction damage to other cells in a process called oxidative stress. This is a natural process and nothing to worry about because your body produces antioxidants which safely interact with free radicals and terminate the chain reaction damage! (Antioxidants are found in foods such as berries, dark chocolate and pecans)

So whats the problem? Issues occur when free radical production exceeds the bodies ability to produce antioxidants.

For example - Forest Gump is undergoing some intense exercise. He has had his daily intake of antioxidant rich foods and assumes that this will be enough to take him all the way to the finish line.

Forest isn't aware that he is causing damage to his body. his internal system can't keep up with the excessive exercising and antioxidants can no longer help him.

Forest doesn't want to give up exercising all together! Alongside eating a balanced diet, maybe he could try out a different kind of workout. Maybe something that will strengthen his muscles so that he is more powerful when running? 

Exercise is constantly evolving to improve stability, endurance and speed. Having a variety of non-running exercises is crucial to performance enhancement.

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