Information is free

Everyone can benefit from exercise.

There is a form of exercise to suit everyone. Whether you would like to lose a little weight, improve your general fitness levels or get yourself in shape for a specific event, there always a way to achieve it!

Information is FREE. Many trainers claim they know secrets and ultimate solutions for people who are craving to get their problem fixed. Because of this, it has become difficult to trust anyone.

ProTom Fitness provides fitness training in Bristol built on the premise that what you put in, you will receive back. As your support network, ProTom fitness supplies honest and attentive care, worth-while advice, a technical exercise guide and individual workout plans.

We offer a range of services including Thai kickboxing/Muay Thai, Group personal training and Personal training.

Train from anywhere, anytime.

We are now giving clients access to our new online training platform.

Respect, self-discipline, dignity, empathy and love are important qualities. Each quality is in fact so powerful that if you feel some of these words describe you, you should be very content!

Exercise and physical activity are tools used learn about yourself and your abilities to own the meaning of these words above! I will try to share most of my experiences on this blog and give you advice regarding anything you need.

The ProTom approach

My approach is very different regarding fitness training methods and health issues, and I am not always right! When an individual calls to deliberate on an issue, I always ask the individual to seek a second opinion alongside reading up on it! This is how you learn independently and form opinions for yourself. One person will never have all the answers.