Online Training is proven to work, join us today!

As a personal trainer I never truly believed in the power of online training but here is a picture of one of our clients, Peter, who proved me wrong! I am so proud of him.

He kept to the training plan we developed for him and has done really well. We are now progressing his training to the next level so in a couple of months we will be uploading pictures of him with muscles. Thank you Peter!

So, how has he made this transformation?

before and after weight loss journey

Getting fit is not rocket science! Peter’s personalised plan included exercise and nutritional advice. He received a proper calorie intake from real foods and jogged 5 times a week. Getting into a routine and keeping it up was key to his success. 

He started at 1km and progressed up to 3km. Nowadays, Peter is running about 6km, three times a week and we have started the toning up process. Watch this space!