Fat-bust your mind as well as your body

Our first-ever weight-loss plan has been launched in the UK. This plan combines three different mind and body techniques to achieve outstanding results.

ProTom health and fitness at Bristol takes slimmers through a month-long programme, using a unique combination of hypnotherapy, exercises classes and personal training.

Tom Lakos, owner and manager of ProTom says:

“I know through my experience with many clients that diet and personal training sessions alone do not always work. There are plenty of diet products on the market which are designed to help people lose weight and yet there are still millions of people unhappy with their weight. I believe in taking a different approach to weight loss. And that includes getting the mind and the emotions right first. Weight loss is about your will-power to exercise on a regular basis and not to over indulge with food. It’s quite simple but even though many people know this to be true- they can’t do it!”

Two sessions of hypnotherapy are used initially to deal with issues that clients may have around food. Nationally renowned hypnotherapist Liz Vincent takes would-be slimmers through a session that helps with any emotional issues they may have about eating and exercise.

Liz Says:

“I help people with what is going happening with them on a physiological level. Having a cake or a biscuit may be replacing an emotional need. Food is often used to replace love you haven’t got or there could be an issue with self esteem. I use a technique called Theta Healing which is designed to empower people to take control of their lives.”

Many people who don’t succeed with weight loss have an issue with motivation, so the programme aims to deal with that too. An added benefit is that clients take kickboxing, core conditioning or power plate sessions three times a week to tone and strengthen muscles, which in turn will burn calories. They also have an exercise session with Tom once or twice a week to keep them on track.

Tom adds:

“There are no quick or easy fixes with weight loss. This isn’t about crash dieting or anything gimmicky. It’s about giving people an overall combination of strategies to change their exercise and eating habits forever.”