About Metabolic Rate Testing

With age our metabolism changes and slows down. Although, it does not have to be this way. Regular exercise, healthy eating and working out with a professional can keep your metabolism high!

It is said that those who do not exercise after age 40 have left it too late to make any considerable differences to their health and fitness. Whilst it may be too late if particular major health issues are limiting you, my general rule is that it is “never too late” for anyone. There is always a way to improve your metabolism as long as you find the right guidance! It is important to know about your metabolism. ProTom can assist in helping you to recognise your strengths and get past your weaknesses.

Historically, metabolism testing was only available to wealthy people and those participating in sport. It involved an expensive testing system consisting of a machine the size of a wardrobe! Nowadays this kit is the size of a palm and attaches to a laptop. As for the price, it is not expensive if you care about your health.

How can you benefit from metabolic testing?

If you are a weight loss client it is very important to understand how your body uses up calories aside from when you exercise. The body needs energy to continue essential body functions such as respiratory within the lungs and circulation among others. The first part of the test is an RMR test meaning – Resting Metabolic Rate. People make a big mistake when they cut calories and begin starving mode. Basically, they slow down the bodies natural metabolism! Your body is a perfectly designed system. If you stop eating, the brain gives an order to store everything you eat! As quickly as you drop weight that quick will come back. Now, there is an important thing to understand, you should have around 1200kcal a day without exercise! If the metabolic test shows your RMR is around 900kcal it means your body is under stress. This stress could be mental, physical or diet wise you may be low in proper nutrition etc.

Active metabolic tests

The second part of the test is an Active Metabolic Test. In this test you can discover exactly how many calories are being used at any given heart rate, and where those calories are coming from, carbohydrate or fat! When we are able to pinpointing the anaerobic threshold, where fat is not the predominant fuel, the trainer is able to prescribe an effective training program. Having all of this information as well as the VO2 score at Aerobic Threshold, gives us set markers so we can follow the progression of a client. This test is not essential to begin a weight loss journey but if you are aged 40+ it can be really helpful. Especially for those who struggle to maintain their body weight for any reason! The difficult part of this process is keeping your diary consistently updated every day and calculating calories. If you are not committed and cheat sometimes it is not going to work, particularly if you are not exercising! Although to lose weight, you do not always need to work at your hardest level. Strangely enough, in many cases you must to do the opposite but exercise more frequently! Each of us is so unique and there are many things influencing our body weight. What is more important then any test in this world is to believe in yourself and to believe you can change for the better!

We are very happy to help in anybody who is looking for a final solution and getting the right answers.

Please note we do not use the machine anymore, you can buy and track your own metabolism for the fraction of the price with one of the following machines

Acetrack Portable machine – Track Metabolism, Ketosis, Low Carb Diets – Just over £200

Ketoscan Mini – Just between £150 – £200

If you wish to book a (20 minutes) Consultation about training and programming £20
Understanding heart rate and exercise exertion could help to set up your own fat burning zone!

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