Why “Weight loss Lies” make me sick

Why must they lie? Losing weight properly is hard work and that makes it precious! When you work for something; you value the results. If you pay for a service you appreciate what you can get for your money, but if something comes too easily, it also goes just as quickly. To lose weight healthily, you need to lose a little bit more than a pound per week which equals about half a kilo.

This means good diet and EXERCISE! (Always with exercise!) I see adverts that promote unrealistic weight loss using pills and fad diets when realistically, you can achieve amazing results within ten weeks and I can promise that, you will be able to maintain it. There is no hurry!

So what is actually correct on in this ad? Read the orange line; it says five times more weight loss. That’s true because ten weeks divided by two equals is five. I would like to highlight something here: 26,000 extra calories (even when not exercising!). What is wrong with this world? I don’t even want to know how they do this, but I am sure this is not the right way. Eat healthy, work hard and respect yourself and you will get changes that you want. That is the key!