Interview at BBC Radio Bristol

Here is a radio clip featuring Tom, from ProTom on a health and fitness related New Year’s resolutions show.

The theme is:

Why do people stop training at the end of January?

Tom was interviewed at BBC Radio Bristol on Saturday 23 Jan 2010. The show is 32 minutes long and in five segments.

Tom says about the clip: “There is one thing I have to highlight about sweeteners, obviously it is your choice to choose what you consume but I disagree with the dietician Sue. She says sweeteners are not harmful and she also says that any kind of liquid counts towards your daily water intake, like tea and coffee. I disagree with these comments. Otherwise I share here views about everything else.” You can read about sweeteners, mainly ASPARTAME E951here:

Tom adds: “Sweeteners are Neuron Toxins and don’t flush out from your body. I always say- even at the radio shows- that everybody is unique – so you may never have any problem with sweeteners, but do you want to take the risk? I don’t!”