My beginner boxing video

The video below features company owner, Tom Lakos, boxing with his old trainer, Botond, in 2009 at the (Spanorium) Tex Woodward’s farm gym. The 5 combined films are taken over a 6 month period and give an impression of Tom’s progress. 

Some words from Tom:
I started my personal training business in 2007 and at the same time set up a kickboxing class, Kickboxing 4 Fitness, now known as Thai kickboxing group PT.

In this video, especially during the first 2 months, you can obviously see that my body weight is on mainly on my rear foot, like a kick boxer would stance. Unfortunately, I also have my head out all the time so I receive pretty nasty punches to my nose.

6 month later you can see more movement from me. My body weight lays on my front leg and I keep my chin down. I enjoyed these later sessions much more! My jabs are still pretty long when they should be short and fast. I also move towards my opponents back, not into the hook. In 2010 I did a boxing qualification, Level 1, and I had already prepared for my level 2. 

I tend to focus on technical form but during the fight I consistently lose my triangle base. I feel this is because I used to train as a gymnast where I practised freestyle skipping rope meaning I feel comfortable in any unbalanced position, or at least I think I am! 

When Botond uses his full body weight in his punches you can see that he takes me out of balance. This could have been avoided if I had the correct leg stance. When I teach boxing techniques I try to focus on biomechanics and kinetics. You can hardly tell when I punch a cross but I think I am getting better, video by video. I currently missing a good coach for myself! 

To teach is easier because I can see what is wrong. Any comments are welcome on this video, but I am hoping if you make a comment it will be something beneficial! Thank you for watching.

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