This video doesn’t really have anything to do with fitness or personal training… or… wait a second… actually it does! How many times did you say to yourself, ok; I will change my life around, get back in shape and never turn back! Probably every January? Yep, New year’s resolutions! I think every month is the same under a year!

It doesn’t matter when you start to change or where in your time scale! Start doing it! Keep doing it and never give up! I have helped many people in Bristol through personal training, group sessions, coaching, giving advice and motivational talks. I think people moan to much. I don’t have the time for this and some people expect a miracle in exchange for their money. 

Now here, at this point I have to say that a personal trainer is just a guide, a tool, a voice! The miracle is not something around you. The miracle is you! You can do it! Like Nick Vujicic

Nick explains how you can fail hundred thousand times and give up again and again but you will never achieve your goal if you don’t restart the process. You cannot give up! You can do anything you desire! I believe; when you are on the road and do not give up, you are hardly going to fail again because you will respect all of the effort you have already put in. Turning back is an easy choice, but further down the road, once you have learnt to be a fighter…  are you going to enjoy taking it easy? No! Then you will experience happiness and you will have created your own miracle which you will deserve having put in some hard work.

Don’t wait.