Shape up with our kickboxing fitness classes

Gabriella started her weight loss program with personal training at ProTom fitness. She participated in  two Thai kickboxing group PT sessions and 3 months down the road, she has toned up very well.

We replaced PT sessions with 2 days of jogging in Gabriella’s plan. Jogging can be a type of low intensity fat burning training. No intervals, no speed play, just simple jogging!

The result speaks for itself! Gabriella’s face and posture have changed significantly and there are some major changes at the waist and buttocks. Well done!

ProTom fitness supplies guidance and technical support to those wanting to understand how and why their body moves in the way it does. Having completed physical education studies in anatomy (the study of the body), company owner and trainer, Tom Lakos creates unique training systems and technical exercises for ProTom. Exercises in these plans can aim to aid recovery, strengthening, mobility, flexibility and growth. Our wide cliental base has grown significantly over the past 10 years given support to a wide range of client. Regardless of wether you are a gym newcomer or professional athlete, we treat every client with the same training outlook and in return ask that you take your training and diet seriously.