Metabolic rate testing in Bristol

Your body’s metabolic profile can identify the training zones that will ensure you obtain the best results whether you are trying to lose weight, improve performance or simply keep fit.

One simple assessment will make sure your efforts really count as your metabolic profile is the key to efficient, successful training.

With age our metabolism changes and slows down. Although, it does not have to be this way. Regular exercise, a healthy eating plane and working out with a professional can keep your metabolism high!

It is said that those who do not exercise after age 40 have left it too late to make any considerable differences to their health and fitness. Whilst it may be too late if particular major health issues are limiting you, my general rule is that it is “never too late” for anyone. There is always a way to improve your metabolism as long as you find the right guidance! It is important to know about your metabolism. ProTom can assist in helping you to recognise your strengths and get past your weaknesses.

Historically, metabolism testing was only available to wealthy people and those participating in sport. It involved an expensive testing system consisting of a machine the size of a wardrobe! Nowadays this kit is the size of a palm and attaches to a laptop. As for the price, it is not expensive if you care about your health.

Tom Lakos, ProToms certified Metabolic profiling specialist, can provide you with all the information you need about metabolic testing. His considerable knowledge in all areas of fitness can help you to make a decision before or after testing. 

You will also be able to gather information about what kind of training modules are the best for you. 

We can tell you how effective your fat burning is and how many calories you burn from sugar or fat. We collect individual data through testing and then design a perfect exercise programme to your unique metabolism. 

This will burn fat before, during and after exercise and tell you how many calories you need every day. All your results and the relevant information will be printed, and explained to you by a trained professional.

Please note we do not use the machine anymore, you can buy and track your own metabolism for the fraction of the price with one of the following machines

Acetrack Portable machine – Track Metabolism, Ketosis, Low Carb Diets – Just over £200

KETOSCAN Mini – Real Time Fat Burning Monitor – Just between £150 – £200

If you wish to book a (20 minutes) Consultation about training and programming £20
Understanding heart rate and exercise exertion could help to set up your own fat burning zone!

You can also book for a body composition test with or without a diet plan and training plan!

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