Revolution in Core Stability

This is one of our new pieces of equipment which I would like to introduce to everyone in Bristol no matter what your fitness level! This device delivers a thorough workout not only for your core but accessory muscles you may not even know existed. The platform gives you freedom to move, pre-condition, recondition, prevention and rehabilitation you name it! 

The possibilities are endless for whatever you need. Fitness has many dimensions and the FreeFORM board will allow you to reach them in a whole new way. Don’t stay behind, keep up with Protom Fitness and evolve with us for a fitter future!

The freeFORM board is a perfect training tool that replicates dynamic movement from a number of sporting styles as well as the practice of yoga. This revolution in movement technology features a never before seen level of multi-directional functionally, allowing you to take your workout to the next level.

The freeFORM board has taken the concept of supported body weight training to a whole new level.

The freeFORM Board is the perfect marriage of form and function.