Zeolite and Exercise

“Over 80% of these individuals noticed a beneficial effect on exercise during the time they took the zeolite” 

Anyone who exercises – whether it is a serious athlete or a three-times-a-week jogger – knows that both good nutrition and post-exercise recovery period are two of the most important aspects of a physical activity regimen. 

Exercise demands that one eat a nutritious, balanced diet to fuel the body and drink enough fluids to keep hydrated. The recovery period is when the body adapts to the stress of exercise, allowing physical changes to take place. Nutrients and fluids are replenished, fatigued muscles and depleted energy stores are recharged, and damaged tissues are repaired. 

Zeolite: An exercise enhancer. Many athletes include supplements in their diet to help with both nutrition and exercise recovery. One such supplement, a natural mineral that’s been used for health purposes for centuries, is called

Zeolite. Available in liquid form, zeolite is a natural detoxifier, targeting and safely removing toxic heavy metals from the body. The human body, especially if it is regularity engaging in physical activity, is adversely affected by toxins in the environment. By removing toxins from the system, Zeolite can help the body to defend itself while also increasing strength, endurance and stamina.

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