12 Reasons why you haven’t lost weight

1. YOU SKIP BREAKFAST Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Studies show that those who eat breakfast are more likely to maintain a healthy body weight. Starting your day with a healthy meal gives you energy.  Miss this, and your body goes into starvation mode.

2. YOU STARVE YOURSELF Depriving yourself of food in an attempt to lose weight is counter-productive. If you miss meals, food tends to get stored up, therefore resting metabolism slows down, which is the total opposite of what you want to happen! Eating small, regular meals is much more effective for most people.

3. YOU EAT IN RESPONSE TO EMOTIONS If you get stressed by the things that go on in your life, try writing about them in a journal. Expressing your thoughts is one of the best ways to deal with them. Do you have particular trigger situations? How can you deal with this in the future without resorting to food? Write about this too.

4. YOU DON’T PLAN AHEAD What would you like to achieve? You should note down 1 or 2 specific, realistic goals, which you display in a prominent place, and read them over frequently to help you stay focused.

5. YOUR HOME IS PACKED WITH UNHEALTHY FOODS Is it more like temptation city, than a haven of healthy foods? If that sounds familiar, make a change! Get rid of the junk, and replace it with healthy foods you enjoy (or re-train your taste buds to enjoy). But, remember to allow yourself a treat now and again – healthy eating isn’t about excluding all your favourite foods, it’s about getting the proportions right.

6. YOU EAT TOO FAST Do you eat so fast your stomach barely has time to signal the need to stop? Try chewing each bite, and putting down your fork between mouthfuls. Remember that TV watching can lead to unconscious overeating, so instead sit at the table, and try to become more familiar with your hunger state.

7. YOU’RE TOO LAZY Come on challenge me on this one! What activities do you enjoy? What skills would you like to improve? Try putting extra effort into all of your daily activities for accelerated calorie burning, and better quality of life long-term.

8. OTHER THINGS TAKE UP YOUR TIME What do you spend most of your day doing? Are you a full-time mum, a pro blogger, or a business exec? It’s possible that you simply don’t have enough time to get healthy. How can you change that? Is it an organisational skills problem, or something else?

9. YOU DON’T HAVE HOBBIES What does your spare time consist of? Is it taken up with watching TV, or sitting at your computer? What can you do instead? How about taking up a new hobby, walking to your friend’s house, or perhaps taking the kids to the park more often? It doesn’t have to be something particularly energetic, just something you enjoy, it’s better than being parked in front of the telly all evening, right?

10. YOU’RE TOO CONFIDENT Do you drop a stone, then start thinking you’re a “Weight Loss” champion? Next thing you know, you’re back on the chips and wine, and rapidly gaining back your original weight. How can you avoid this yo-yo scenario in the future? Well, it’s simply about goal setting. So, with each 10 pounds you drop, reassess your diet, and set new goals for the coming weeks, rather than slackening off on your new healthier habits.

11. YOU HAVE A NEGATIVE ATTITUDE Believing that you can change is really important. If you tell yourself you can’t succeed, you won’t – simple as that! Empower yourself by thinking positively, and believing that you really can reach your goals.

12. “TOMORROW” NEVER SEEMS TO COME! Remember, weight loss is a journey, and unfortunately it doesn’t become any easier if you wait. So, why not get the most difficult part over with right now by starting today?  It’s time to start taking care of your body!

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