FreeForm Board training with physiotherapist Birgitta

Thanks for your subscription to our training videos, we will send you your Free demo video after the Bristol half on Sunday. 

In the meanwhile let us introduce the Freeform board which is a great training tool for runners. This video was created back in 2012. Our training system evolved so much since but the movement patterns did not changed. 

Meet Birgitte, Bristol based Physiotherapist.

This video gives you a taster of the sessions I have had with Tom at ProTom fitness using the freeform board. As you can see it’s great for people wanting to increase hip mobility hip control which is so important to good form when running.

As a physiotherapist I am always looking at ways to improve hip mobility and control. 

Birgitte Hoff . For more information about classes just visit our website. Order your freeform board today and train at home: