Bikini ready beach body

Would you love to have your very own beach bum to flaunt in your bikini this summer?

I understand… so do many people.

You look at a fitness models body and think you can’t achieve it.

Right now, I’m not asking you to believe anything, all I’m asking is that you suspend your disbelief, and realize it is possible for you to achieve it.

You wonder what type of ‘plan’ you need to do in order to get there. Maybe you even follow fitness model’s on twitter and look at their photo’s on instagram, yet you put it down to good genetics, or something else.

You train in the gym regularly BUT aren’t seeing the results you desire. It’s not easy to get into this level of shape, BUT it is very simple.

The reason you haven’t achieved this could be one of many or a combination of the below:

1) You don’t know the different quantities of proteins, fats and carbs you should be eating each day.

2) You aren’t sticking to any nutrition plan for more than 5 days at a time

3) Your plan lasts monday to friday and you disregard the weekend completely, and regularly drink on a weekend.

4) Your gym routine has been the same for longer than 4 weeks.

5) You aren’t lifting heavy weights. Plus a whole bunch more.

We’re launching our next new sports model transformation program and if you’re wanting to finally be in this shape this could be fore you. 

1) We’re going to educate you precisely the science behind ‘sports model nutrition’ 

2) We’re going to teach you HOW to lift AND coach you through 4 precisely programmed sessions per week. The equivalent with a 1-1         personal trainer would be AT LEAST £560 per Month. You won’t pay anywhere near that.

3) We’re going to help you monitor and track your nutrition to make tweaks and changes so you can constantly get results. 4) 

You’ll receive bi-weekly coaching calls to help you overcome any issues you may have regarding nutrition. 

5) We will have weekly measurements track your results and help optimize your hormones for maximum results. We going to take you from wherever you are right now and help you get to sports model shape. 

The minimum program is 12 weeks, but it depends entirely upon your starting Body Fat percent as to how long it will take you to get there. We will get you beach ready. Our program is strictly application only. Reason being, it takes only the MOST dedicated to reach this shape.