Want to look amazing on your wedding day?

Of course you do.  

Every bride-to-be does.  But what is the best way to shape up for your big day?  

How do you ensure you are stunning as you walk down the aisle? 

Firstly, the dress! We all know the dress is pretty much the most important part of your day.  That’s why, at ProTom Fitness, Tom’s fist priority is to see the dress.  

Once he knows the style, the cut, and what areas of your body are going to be on display, he can tailor a fitness program just for you. 

How ProTom Fitness Can Help.

After the consultation, ProTom Fitness can help you target those areas that need to be toned.  Worried about bingo wings with a sleeveless dress?  Unshapely calves with a shorter skirt?  ProTom Fitness is here to help!

The regime.

ProTom Fitness is not about weight loss.  Trying to target weight loss for specific areas of the body is a fool’s errand, and can never be achieved naturally.  Serious toning is the key to looking good, and this is what ProTom Fitness offers. Working to a routine that is 70% weight training, 30% cardio strength training, ProTom Fitness will get you looking your absolute best, ready to walk down the aisle.

How long does it take?

ProTom Fitness recommends that training should begin around four to five months before the big day.  Sessions with Tom run twice a week, and with added work alone on your part, ideally you should be doing the program four times each week. It may seem like a lot, but to really shape the body and achieve the best effects this is what is needed.  Of course, who wouldn’t want to look the best they can on their big day?


A healthy diet is very important during this time.  There is no point working hard to tone up, if you just go home and eat junk.  For glowing skin and a great looking body, healthy eating is key.