Audrey Howell, My weight loss story ‘Fat to Fit’

“I had been overweight for most of my life, and approximately 13 years ago I lost over six stone through the diet club, Slimming World. 

My aim was to break the cycle of gaining weight each year. My starting weight then was 18 stone 4lbs After reaching my goal weight, and through sheer ignorance, I reverted and went back to eating the same types of food and portion sizes prior to dieting, the weight piled back on again with a vengeance. 

I ended up gaining an extra two stone. One day, I just decided enough was enough. I wanted to make a lifetime change as I knew if I did not do something about it each year my weight would increase.

I knew it would not be easy this time around but I was determined that things had to change but for good this time. 

Both of my parents when alive had suffered from type 2 diabetes, my dad’s diabetes was controlled by tablets but my mother’s was controlled by daily insulin injections I witnessed the distress it caused my mum by having to inject herself with insulin a few times every day. When she could not face it I had to do it for her. 

It really scared me as my thoughts turned into total fear as I did not want to end up with diabetes too. The thought really propelled me into taking action. 

My final weight loss journey began on March 21st 2011. I joined Rosemary Conley Slimming and Fitness Club. My starting weight was 20st 7lbs I with my slimming instructor set my goal at losing 7 stone 7lbs. I was approaching my goal weight and I had a little more to lose even though 

I was attending an Aerobics class and a Zumba session each week I knew I really needed to take my exercise to a higher level. Myself and my big brother Howard decided to get fit and loose weight at the same time, we found an offer for an outdoor boot camp taking place on Bristol, Clifton Downs which involved running, burpees, bench presses, hill running and the list goes on, the session took place in all weathers rain or shine. 

It at the time we both thought was so tough but nothing could compare to what faced us next. As this offer only lasted a 3 or so weeks we decided to step things up even higher. 

Lo and behold we came across a advert for ProTom – Kickboxing 4 Fitness classes. I thought this would be ideal as I wanted to limit myself being left with a lot of loose skin from my weight loss. 

At the beginning of July 2012 We started to attend Kickboxing 4 fitness. Oh my goodness it was really tough at first, I recall saying to my brother “what on earth have you got me into” we were both exhausted could barely speak and dripping with sweat.

Both of us persevered and soon got into a weekly routine and found that quickly Tom showed us how to Kick Box, even the warm up sessions were gruelling and I easily burned a couple of hundred calories.

At each session I wear a heart rate monitor and seeing how quickly I burn calories spurs me on as I on average I was burning around 800+ calories at the end of each session.

I often celebrated quietly to myself. I quickly got hooked on exercise. Through diet and exercise especially Kickboxing.

I managed to reach my target weight on 3rd September 2012 and eventually exceeding that target to losing 8 stone in total. I have dropped 6 dress sizes.

I was awarded Rosemary Conley Slimmer of the Year 2012 BRISTOL. I know Kickboxing 4 Fitness has played a big part in getting me to the finish line.