Toning over weight loss

Got a gym membership but never use it? 

Want to get in shape but lack motivation? Get ready to transform yourself with ProTom Fitness! 

Do you want to look amazing and feel energised? Of course you do. ProTom Fitness is not about weight loss. Trying to target weight loss for specific areas of the body is a fool’s errand, and can never be achieved naturally. 

Serious toning is the key to looking good, even when yor body shape is not at the right weight yet! ProTom Fitness works to a routine that is 70% weight training, 30% cardio strength training. 

You are wasting your time if you are doing only what you think will work for you or learning how to exercise from magazines and books. This can lead to injuries! If you have never trained before or you have never had a training coach, you might execute the exercises with the wrong technique or even do an exercise which is not relevant for your body shape/current fitness level.

Our aim is to train safely, have fun and enjoy the process.

ProTom Fitness sessions are designed to educate about health and fitness. As well as training, you must educate yourself about your body and how it works! Even people who are able to afford training a few times a month benefit from the education they receive in each session. 

Better understanding about your body will increase mental focus and your motivation will last longer!  

Unfortunately most trainers don’t pay attention to their clients and just make them to move instead of explaining how and why to do an exercise. 

ProTom fitness provides unique classes in Bristol. Kickboxing, 4Core sessions and piloxing (pilates and kickboxing) just to name a few. ProTom also offers an online service so that you can train anywhere! 

If you are interested in any of the sessions or PT, book a trial session today! All services are covered with a money back guarantee. You have nothing to loose. If not now, when?