What are we trying to achieve with these video series?

Hi, this is Tom from ProTom Fitness. 

I assume, because you did not start to cry in the first video, that you are looking for more information, and would like to hear more about what we do and what I do.

This video is just for general information: what we are trying to achieve in the future. I am going to talk about things that you can’t find on YouTube, or you can’t find on Google. Well, probably you can, but they would be really hard to find. Other trainers or people do not generally talk about some things.

The other reason I am doing this is to build a kind of relationship, a kind of trust between you and me. But my main goal is to get more information from you. What are you looking for?

What kind of challenges are you facing? Because there is definitely a reason you signed up for one of our projects, or you entered your email address to one of our advertisements, or you just came to my website and you sent me a message. You were looking for something, and I definitely want to help.

If you have any questions just drop me an email and I’m freely going to answer. But anyway, in the future we are going to talk about different things. I think in the next video I am going to talk about injuries. Also I just quickly want to say, because everyone is making comments, I know I am not smiling a lot in the video, but I don’t want to look fake.

I am a happy person. I am a smiley person. But when I am talking about training or I am training my clients, I am serious, because that is my job. I have to train my clients; I am not going to be a clown. But anyway, I like to smile, just not on the videos.

I hope you can forgive me for that. The next video is going to be about injuries, so stay tuned.

Tom, ProTom Fitness, fit body fit mind.