Talk about injuries Part 1

Hi, Tom from ProTom Fitness. Today we are going to talk about injuries.

This is Part One.

Injuries in the general public, or people who did some kind of sport in the past, but they are not doing them any more. They would like to get back into it. What happens in reality? You sign up for an event, say you are going to do a charity run, or you are going to play a charity football match.

Then you realise, “Okay. I need to do some training to make sure I am going to perform well.” Now what happens? You start everything, go to the gym, and do some home training. Right away, injury.

Now, maybe the reason is because you started too quickly. You didn’t let your body get used to the first adaptation. The other thing is when somebody is already doing it for a certain amount of time, and they are very close to the goal and the main event, then they have an injury.

Are you using the right technique?

Now, that could be because maybe they are not doing the right technique. If you are not exercising with the right technique, or you are getting too quickly into it, and you are pushing yourself too hard, too quickly, that is when you are going to have injuries.

Sometimes you can’t really predict when you are going to have injuries. A good example, I was hovering two years ago, and I pulled my back. Or I made the wrong movement once in a class, and I pulled my knee. This can happen.

Flexibility and stretching

As long as you try to do your best, plan everything, how you are going to put your weights up, or how many extra miles you are going to run, if you plan everything and you do generally stretches, then it is going to be fine for you. But, in the second video I am going to talk more about the stretches.

With stretches I always say, do stretches all the time. Full range of movement is really important, and if you don’t have a full range of movement, you are definitely going to pull something in the future.

Flexibility is an issue as well. See you in the second video, where I will focus mainly on sport people, and thank you for your time.

Tom, ProTom Fitness, Fit Body, Fit Mind. Train pain and injury free and learn how to move the right way.