5 ways to achieve a balanced diet over Christmas

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Tom: Hi, this is Tom from ProTom Fitness, and today I am going to ask Peter, one of my trainers, what would be the best to do, in five bullet points, what would be the best to do in regards to eating and looking after your diet over Christmas. So Peter, can you tell us a little bit more about this? Peter: Yes, so I know it is Christmas time and all the festive foods and Christmas dinners come in, but just a few things.

• Try to limit your carb intake in the evening. Eat them during the day, but in the evening just reduce it to protein and veg, don’t eat too much carbs in the evening.

• Portion wise, like I know myself, having a full half- roast chicken with all the sides, just have the half portion for lunch, and have the other half two or three hours later, to make sure you are eating small portions not a whole big one at once. 

• Try to eat whole food. It is Christmas; it is the family holiday, so get the family together, cook together instead of going to the shop to buy ready meals.

• If you are going out, because many of them will be going out for Christmas meals, go for the healthy options. Go for some chicken breast or salmon with some salad, but leave the dressing, because dressing is bad okay, and fries are definitely not an option to go with. 

• If you want to have pudding, leave the proper puddings and go for some sorbet or like that, which is really low in sugar and fat. If the evening is coming and you still have a need for some snacks, go for some nuts or veg, just stick to avoiding heavy meals. That’s it. 

Tom: Okay, was that all five, or only the first one?

Peter: Yes, that is the first.

Tom: Okay, so what is the second? 

Peter: No, that’s all. 

Tom: That’s all. Whole food, and going out… Okay. What do you think about – which I was thinking to ask you before – if somebody goes for the sweet stuff, and then eats the proper meal. Should they have a proper meal, and then eat the sweet stuff? 

Peter: Yes, have a proper meal first, so have all the nutritional stuff for the first time, and try to stick yourself to low GI carbs. 

Have like, I don’t know, rice is not the best one, but for example you have roast potatoes, that is a good one, they are low GI, instead of fries, and it is coming with a wedge as well. After that, if you have some pudding or something, some Christmas pudding and cakes, they are high GI, but mix the two together and it brings it up to the medium. 

So have your puddings after a main meal. But you don’t even have to have it straight away. Wait half an hour for it to settle, and go for the puddings. 

Tom: Okay, so thanks to Peter, and if you would like to find out a little bit more about nutrition and diet, there is a link next to this video, put your email address and we will be in touch. 

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