How to cook healthy meal within 20 minutes (Part 1)

Just 20 minutes and your healthy meal is ready (Grilled chicken breast with steamed veg and rice) Watch the video or read the script below. enjoy the photos about the ingredients! subscribe for receiving our next video and a healthy diet plan!

Tom: Hi this is Tom from ProTom Fitness, and we have Peter as well from ProTom Fitness, and today we are going to do some cooking. Well he is going to do the cooking, because I don’t know how to cook. Also, we are going to teach you and do some exercises whilst you are preparing your food. But we are going to talk about the technical aspect of the exercises. What I am going to do, I am going to do is give the words to Peter, and he is going to tell us what he is going to prepare.

It takes about 20 minutes, so it is very quick one. He is going to cook for a couple of days as well, I mean probably not right now, but you will see. So I am going to take over the camera, and he is going to talk about what is going to happen.

Peter: Hello guys, it is Peter from ProTom Fitness. Today I am going to show you some hints and tips about how to cook and prepare your food. Now I just going to cook for two days, which would be for example four portions of a meal. If you come this way, I have got some chicken breast, fresh chicken breast, 500 grams.

This is organic broccoli. Always try to go for fresh veggies, or organic, if you can afford it. I have got a cup of rice. This is basmati rice, but you can go for brown rice as well. It is easier to digest. This is 200 grams, which is going to be 5 or 6 portions for my meal.

Okay so first I am going to start to cook the rice, because that takes the most time to get ready. I have a rice cooker. It is very easy, just pour the rice in it. For one cup of rice, you need double the amount of water. Add the second cup, and then switch it on.

For seasoning, this is chicken stock, and it is organic as well. You can go for any seasonings, or any flavouring you want to go for but avoid yeast extract, MSG (Monosodium glutamate) which is not good for us. Okay, that’s it, my rice is cooking.

Now I am just going to cut the broccoli. Okay. I am just using the florets, I don’t use any of the stalk. Put it into a sieve, because we have to wash it. Any packaged food, even rice, just rinse it through. Even your veggies, even if it is organic, give it a good wash by just rinsing it through with cold water. Good.

Stick your fingers through it, get rid of any dirt. If it is not an organic one, this gets rid of any pesticides. Cook in a pan. Add a little bit of water to the pan, because we are going to steam it. If you steam the veg, you can keep all the nutrients in it. It is going to be much more crispy. I am using a bit of seasoning.

I am using sea salt, but you can use anything. Put the lid on, and just slowly steam it. Okay. Now we have prepared all the rice and green stuff, I am going to go for my chicken. This is chicken breast. It is one of the leanest meats you can use. You can use turkey. Turkey thighs, turkey breast, chicken thighs, or beef, or fish.

I am just cutting it into pieces. Nice chunky ones. I have prepared my meat into nice slices. I am going to add some seasoning. For seasoning, you can use anything you like. I am just going to use some chicken seasoning. Shake it all over. Then I am going to use a bit of garlic. I am going to season on the other side as well.

A little bit of salt as well. When you are using salt, try to use sea salt, organic. This is sea salt as well, but it is from the Himalayas, so it is actually a pink one. Don’t be afraid of using salt, it is fine. Just don’t have more than 6 grams a day. I am just going to switch on my grill. While it takes a minute or two to heat up, I am going to check on my broccoli.

It smells good. I am just sticking my fork into it. It needs another few minutes. I don’t want to make it too soft, it has to be nice and crispy.

Tom: While we are waiting for the grill to get hot, about two minutes, we can do some squats. Just to warm up, you don’t want to warm up with big lunges, but you can maybe just do some short step lunges. To do a squat, put your hands to your sides, keep your bum back, your knees bent. Peter will show you some.

Do a couple of squats. Make sure your arms come forward. Make sure your back is nice and straight, and you don’t arch too much. Make sure your knees are behind your toes, and also your knees should be front-facing, don’t push them out.

You can also have a smaller stance, as so. Squat up and down for 2 minutes, which is, let’s say, 16 squats. You wait for 20-30 seconds, and then you do another 16 again. Wait again, then do another 16. You can do three or four sets. Pushing your bum back.

grilled chicken recipe

Then we are going to check now if the grill is hot, and then we are going to do another exercise. Hi. This is the surprise bit of the video.

I am afraid when I was editing and putting the whole cooking movie together, I lost about three or four files. I have taken the decision to really quickly tell you what is not going to be seen. We put the chicken into the grill, and we had about four minutes. In those four minutes, you can actually do four different exercises.

Deep lunges, calf raises, small squats, and sumo squats on your toes. When you do the sumo squat on your toes, the difference between that and the small squat is that you use your inner thigh muscle much more. Now you can see these from different angles. Now, we go back to our cooking video. Thank you.

Peter: Okay, I will just check my chicken to see if it is ready. It is. Now, our food is ready. My legs are aching. What we have got on our plate is chicken breast, 150 grams, for protein. We have got our carbs with rice, 30 grams of carbs. We have got our veggies. If you go for veggies, try to go for the same amount as your protein. If you are on a low-carb diet, go for double as much. Also, don’t be afraid of fat, because good fat is very important.

Our good fat today is an avocado, like a quarter slice, and a bit of mixed nuts, peanuts and walnuts.

Tom: Okay, thanks to Peter for cooking for me, for us, for himself. I hope you find this easy, and I hope your didn’t find the video too long. We are going to do more cooking segments in the future, so sign up through the website, and we will send you some videos about how to prepare your food in only 20 minutes. Thank you for your time.

Peter: Thank you. Enjoy your food.

If you need more help about how to and what to eat, just get in touch!