Tabata Boxing training for Woman and Man

One of the most effective ways to blast fat and develop fast-twitch, lean muscle mass is to carry out a heart pounding session with the heavy boxing bag.

You can just simply beat the crap out of the bag with full power, or get the intensity and speed higher with no power! Both executions have different benefits! We demonstrate a Tabata boxing drill where power is not important but keeping the speed is!

Great benefits: – Release frustration – Using weak and under developed muscles – Whole body workout – Speed and power – Agility and balance Make sure you keep your stance and stay on the ball of the foot, whilst maintaining hip rotation on every punch.

If you do this drill right, you should feel it not only in your arms but legs and bum too. It is a full body workout! The only problem is that a lot of people don’t really know how to get the most out of their boxing bag workouts. We see countless people in the gym flailing their arms and legs around without any sense of timing, rhythm or objective. What this leads to is an ineffective workout that causes more harm than good. 

Did you spot the mistake I did on the video?? If you are not into martial arts then you probably didn’t. But I will tell you what I was doing wrong. Just watch the video again and keep your eyes on the foot and ankles. Yes, I did not support properly from the ground! How can you tell???

Pretty easy, look at the toes! They are leaving the floor! If you are focusing on a proper technical execution you need to imprint the movement properly! You can still do this tabata session but even when you get very tired, focus and think about your foot positioning! Make sure you warm up before you start, not like me on the video.

I hope you find this informative and helpful. Keep fit! If you would like to receive more videos and information about our services feel free and subscribe! Fit Body, Fit Mind! Technique is everything! Avoid injuries!