Hardcore Exercise for Athletes

One of my new exercises for the fittest! Do you train a lot, but feel you can achieve so much more? The only limit in fitness is when you limit your capabilities to doing the same training routines over and over again, thinking you will get stronger!

Do you really believe that to be the best runner you need to do more running? To be the best cyclist you need to cycle more?? Becoming the best athlete is much more, not just mentally but physically. You need to challenge yourself! Being the fittest is about skills and developing interaction between muscle groups. Work together as a unit for only one purpose!

Become a tuned and energy efficient MACHINE! Running on the treadmill, spinning on a spinning bike and training on a fixed path resistance machine is just keeping you in a Box. Your body will become a programmed and limited Robot with limited skills.

Do you want to break out? Train injury free?? Do you think you can actually do and achieve much more? Yes, you could! I design new exercise routines and complex functional movements for people like you. People who are not fit enough yet, but they are looking for the best way to improve fitness and stay injury free! Let me share my latest exercise with you! Here is a new move I designed for the fit people who want to get fitter and stronger.

This exercise needs skills and muscle coordination so beware of the intensity. You can practice this exercise just by itself, or do it in Tabata as on the video! Make sure after this exercise you are executing some lower back exercises or hip extensions.

As you can see on the video, I am not perfect either. After the first set my natural spine was collapsing at the cervical area, imagine this through 8 sets! These are the little things that coaches overlook. They push their candidates further and further without understanding the damage it can cause through time.

Repetitive poorly formed exercises lead to injuries! Make sure you develop good strength before getting to 8 sets! I will post a basic version of this exercise up soon. If you interested to find out more just sign up to receive more videos, or come along to our Tabata conditioning program where you can learn more!