Thai Kickboxing video tutorial part 1

This video is made mainly for our clients but there are no secrets to what we do so anyone can have a look. The most important thing to say is we do everything properly. Thai Kickboxing fitness is a class were we do not neglect kickboxing technique! 

Please note, there are certain boxing techniques which are different from what was promoted in this video, we will upload a link here soon to enhance this video

First practice is the Jab; this punch can be executed in many different ways but the main point is get your gloves from the face forward out in front of you in a straight line. You not necessarily need to cover your face, but make sure your hand is front of you. Keeping your bum centred behind and leaning slightly forward will help to use your body weight and add this weight into your jab. 

The power actually occurs in less than a second when you rotate your fist parallel with the ground before impact. Jab, cross: How you execute the cross is really dependent on your sport and martial art style. If we are really looking to get the punch powerful you need to make sure your shoulder on the crossing hand does not pass the shoulder in your frontal plain more than 10 or 15 degrees. 

When you are setting up for a kick you could rotate more however your stability might be comprised and your opponent can sweep your leg or get you off balance. 

If working with a partner, please make sure you keep your gloves close, guarding your face. Jab, cross, hook: Hook is a very powerful punch and also the hardest punch to learn after the uppercut. On this video you will see fitness kickboxing and a more proper boxing execution. The technique is very different and again it is really dependent on what do you want to achieve with the punch?

You can set up a new combination or you can go to full power, also you can play with the speed as well. Stance is the most important aspect and the footwork as always, pivoting on the ball of the foot and using your trunk to generate power, Hook is actually not a punch as the elbow doesn’t have to extend. 

The elbow flexion or extension is helping to set the distance. Please note you do not want to push the power through the target as you can injure your training partner, make sure you get the power through where the target is but you stop it at the right moment and get your gloves back to cover. 

Combination – jab, cross, hook, cross: Hips are rotating and reloading the side of that arm with which you are planning to punch! 

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