How to start to get fit? (Tip 1)

It is a difficult thing to make a big decision about the here and now, but even more difficult to seriously add commitment into making the change.

As you know, I have been training many different types of people over my 20 years, including children, and I have to be brutally honest to you. It is getting harder to break the mental side of the training, not the physical. The physical is actually much easier than you think, but the mental?? That’s the tough one.

I am going to talk about weight loss here and people who are new to exercise or those who are hitting the gym with no results.

People quit easily and blame other elements, like their circumstances which include family, time or finances. They are not reaching their goals.

I have been raised the same way, complaining about my finances, my time, my lack of knowledge or that I am not lucky enough. I believed I should line up and do like everybody does, not even trying to change because that is just the way it is.

No it is not, you have much more in you.

I trained 16 girls from secondary school about 4 month ago and I never going to forget when one said to me; “sorry Sir I can’t do squats!”

I said what? Why can’t you?

She said because my GP said I can’t squat and that is not good for me.

This is only one example how dangerous times we are living. Pre-imprinting an idea instead of imprinting a movement, especially in her age.

The solution? I taught her how to do correct squat technique and she was fine for one more session than she said it is too hard she will do something easier. A 15 year old girl.

My point is that if we are allowed to quit on something very easily, from such a young age, we will always look for the easy way in everything in life.

The damage is done, so many people are quitting so easily and not even trying to get over this kind of behaviour. I know how hard believe me, and my journey did not start on the physical side, it was more of a mental regime of being told what I am not capable of.

Here is my first tip for you and I will give you more as long as you stay subscribed or engaged with our Blog, I will also share more stories with you.

If you struggle with my honesty and directness at any point then no hard feelings, you can unsubscribe. But often the hardest things to hear are the ones that strike a chord!If you don’t like hearing it, it is probably because there is truth in the statement.

I truly believe that there are people out there amongst my subscribers who want to know the truth about fitness, diets, and training plans and how to stay strong and change a less than fulfilling life around.

I had my miserable life and I stood up and I said I had enough!How about you? Maybe you are just at the door and you are ready to kick through it.

My tip is very simple and all the following tips are going to be very simple!

PLANNING: we need to plan the first change, the first which you will absolutely stick to.It doesn’t matter what it is.

Start small.

Open your calendar or write it down on a piece of paper (this will be related to exercise and fitness)

1.Choose only one exercise only which is in your fitness routine and you like that exercise.
2.It can be free weights, or machine or anything (sorry but it can’t be cardio) sorry to disappoint you. 

Some cardio will come.

Let’s take an example here: I will do squats with two 5 kg dumbbells, say 3 sets with 16 reps

Now here is your mission;

you do this exercise a minimum of twice a week and every week you will put the weights up by 0.5 or 1kg, when it is getting more challenging – you can extend the time period over 3 or 4 weeks but you need to get the weights higher!

Stick to this and plan it, doesn’t matter about the rest of your session,

I only want you to stick to this for at least 8 weeks.

Now if you want to make sure you have someone to be accountable to, you could email us your chosen exercise and we will follow up with you and tracking you how is your progress going??

This is very simple and believe me, planning is everything. Your mind still try to refuse or find excuses, but this change is very small if we look where you are now, so you will be able to stay focused.

Get your mind set on this one task, you will also be able to see the positive changes in yourself and toward exercise and personal training.

I will give you your next mission soon!

Let me know which exercise you are going to commit to do!