Body like a used FreeForm Board

Probably most of you are wondering what this headline means, and what it has to do with fitness and Personal training? 

Give me a moment, and all will make sense, I promise.

I remember when I bought my first FreeForm board 4 years ago. I wanted to be the first person in Bristol city to use this incredible, useful device for Personal training and integrate into my Abdomimax fitness classes, especially into the functional circuit training part. 

Improve hip rotations

“not much rotation”

It’s possible I am still the only one in the city who uses this board for achieving our clients fitness and training goals. But actually we do much more than that.

This device is amazing for training the whole body, while developing good flexibility and strength.

I remember the first FreeForm board was so expensive and I was only able to buy one, then 7 months later another one! 

So now today, one wheel is not working, and I realised what I have missed for the last 4 years. 

Maintenance!! All the dirt and hair from the floor was caught by the wheels over time, so today I finished my last personal training session of the year and sat down with a key to remove the wheels and clean them! 

4 years of dirt and hair, it was not nice!! We have been using the boards efficiently but did not look after them, so here is my message for you today if you are into fitness and training hard to achieve any fitness goals!

“so much stuck inside”

Do you take some time off and maintain yourself with the right food and the essential proteins alongside with fatty acids? 

Do you stretch after your exercise routine, and have a sports massage sometimes? 

I think Prevention should be more important than maintenance; however we take most things for granted. This is just human nature. 

We are not untouchable, even if we think we are, so I would say look after yourself and your wheels will still keep spinning without any problem! 

So what is the damage? Let’s get back to the boards, they are delicate, especially their wheels, we can replace them for a small cost, but is your body the same? 

Something is not working and we just buy a new body part? Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. 

With so much to clean off after this many years I could have saved time if I kept maintaining every 6 months or so. One of the wheels has so much dirt under the shell i cannot spin it well anymore, so I might need to replace it at some point. 

“clean parts”

Please look after yourself as we all are delicate machines which need to be looked after, and time is like a bullet from behind.

Actually it is so good to see the boards like new, spinning well and working again. Health is more important than anything else, treasure it and make sure you are maintaining yourself!

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