February Special offer – Unlimited access

We are offering a full month *unlimited access to all our classes, including our Group Personal training – Abdomimax® Action We launched this specifically tailored program exactly a year ago, our new freshened up Abdomimax Action, alongside other classes going beyond health and fitness, you will gain much more! Find out what will work for you!

7 Days money back guarantee Spaces are limited for the following reasons: 

– This is a comprehensive re-education not just some physical training – A tailor made diet and nutrition plan to suit you personally – Online support and training system 24/7 (videos) 

– You will learn about how to detox your body simply and easily 

– Advice on home equipment and what to do and when to do it 

– and more….. 

The best way to kick start 2015. We offer a 7 day money back guarantee We deliver over 25 hours’ worth of group training sessions from Monday to Saturday 

Are you ready to change your shape or get your fitness to a higher level? Do you crave more knowledge about yourself and understanding about what will work for you? 

Give us a call or fill in the application form for a strategy call. The call is very important to get better understanding of your current position and situation, any previous injuries or pain factors will be considered and we will give you a clear understanding of how we and you can make serious changes. 

All our training systems aim to have fun and keep you injury free. You will learn about your own posture and different training systems which you can master very easily with our risk free methods.

1 Stone and more tone within 12 weeks – Louise journey with us 

You will have access to: 
– Abdomimax® – Action PLUS – Group Personal Training 
– Abdomimax® – Core strength and function 
– Quickboxing – Martial art based full body toning 
– TABATA circuit – High Intensity Interval training 
– Kettlebell – Tri Planner functional strength conditioning 
– bodyART™ – full body Yoga and Pilates based High intensity Training PLEASE NOTE! 

If you book before the 20th of January you will receive one Personal Training as a bonus and 50% off from Massage and Reiki! 

We are committed to people like you who want the results and are ready to work for it Share this post or bring a friend to save 50% in March. 7 Days money back guarantee.

*this offer is for new clients only