End your sugar cravings

Do you like Tea and, if so, what kind of tea you like? Long story short, I became passionate about promoting tea over the last 2 years. So what was my journey and why have I started my new business as a tea company alongside my health and fitness interests.

Eating clean and looking after your body should be a priority but it is pretty hard as you walk through the supermarket shelves and the only thing you see is tlimihe colourful, unhealthy stuff.Lots of people out there struggle with sugar cravings and regardless of how fit and strong I am, I share the same weakness as many others. I often eat a bar of chocolate, and whilst I keep active and have been able to get away with it I know this cannot be the case for those with less active lifestyles. I started off replacing my chocolate with something similar but no dairy, no wheat, no gluten.

I was drinking a lot of tea, and I was always drinking it with sugar or honey. Realising I had to find a solution, I started to investigate is there any tea which tasted sweet without adding sugar or honey? I found Jasmine Pearls Tea

I loved it but when I left it to steep for too long it tasted of bitter Green tea so I had to be careful to leave it for only 2 minutes. When the coffee shop stopped serving this tea they recommended something similar which was even tastier. It was called Kukicha.

…and it changed me even further until I totally cut out sugar from my and I also started to taste more flavours from the tea. I think it was like when I first had glasses.

After I had an eye test and was given a prescription for glasses I finally realized how much I had not seen in the world around me. It was a major wake-up call and this is no different! By limiting sugar intake you can start to taste and explore more and more flavours. Sugar will disable you, and as you may know, an excess can also lead to diabetes!

Realizing that the world has unlimited experiences available to me and I just needed to explore them was really the start of this new journey. In 2013 we went to Mauritius, after a great time in this Paradise, on the way back on the airport, we had some money left over and I decided to spend it on I immediately loved the new teas, and we really liked the island as well, so we saved the money up to return and I already planned on bringing more flavours. I still did not plan to do any business in tea at this point but on the second trip we made some local friends and when I got back to England again, I asked them to get in touch with the manufacturer.

I told myself my mission must be to help people discover how the coconut and coconut-vanilla teas can help to reduce everyone’s sugar intake. I never had to put sugar to my tea again and stopped craving sweet things so I set my new business up as Tealicius from Mauritius – you can order your taster sample pack with three different flavours for 99p, the only thing you need to do is to visit our Ebay shop and place an order – free posting.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to…