Bride and Bridesmaid Fitness

Train together with your bridesmaids and look amazing on your big day!

When is your wedding day? Have you started planning it yet?

You have probably booked the venue, flowers, food, cake, cars, photos and videos. Do you feel nervous about how all these things are going to work out? Closer to the time you might!

And what about you? You will be the bride on your big day. You may have been planning everything, but have you planned for the most important person: you?

It is all about you and your dress. Looking amazing in your dress is priceless. Everybody will remember you and your dress and all the photos will be there to back this up for the rest of your life! And the good news is: unless your wedding is tomorrow, you still have time to get started.

Let’s get you looking amazing in that dress.

Yes that is what we do! Our Wedding ‘shape up’ plan is not about weight loss or looking at the scales every week. It is not about pressure and frustration to race against time to get you to lose weight for your big day!

Life is short and you do not need more stress when you’re organising your wedding.

At ProTom Fitness we look at your dress and highlight the areas which will be visible for the photos and the videos. We will put a plan together on how to tone those visible bits. Our program is simple and manageable. We support you and your bridesmaids all the way through till your big day.

Also, by making your bridesmaids your accountability partners you will make sure that not only you, but they too will look amazing in their dresses!

  • Diet plan is included
  • Train online or offline 
  • Chose your time and day
  • Gym plan home plan is included
  • 24 h full personal support
  • discount on your wedding photography 

We hope you are getting excited now. Just click on the link below and find out more about our program to make you look amazing for your wedding day!