ProTom Fitness membership

We believe that you are a person and not a number in the gym– just moving from exercise machine to exercise machine and paying a membership where no one cares about you as an individual. 

We are all unique and all of us need the help and attention. Our team is one of the best in Bristol regarding group training and Personal Training, we know you are individual and we do respect that, we understand your goal is must have meaning to you. Your mission is our mission.

fitness membership

Get unlimited access today and never look back, book your strategy call with Tom and let get you started! 

  • Unlimited sessions through the month, attend on any classes, even twice a day if you like
  • Receive 10% discount on personal training and receive your tailored diet plan
  • Free medicine ball 
  • 60 days access for free to our online 4 Core Fitness training system

Monthly ProTom fitness membership is  £129 Great Value for money

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