My personal Journey on Zeolite

I grew up in Hungary, and after the fall of the Russian Communism, the floodgates were opened. This meant that a huge wealth of products from America and England began to be imported. Most of these products were incredibly unhealthy. Red Bull, imported from America, was one of the first to arrive. As you can imagine, this tide of stimulants and junk food into the country made me very sceptical about anything that wasn’t natural.

I am a very sceptical person by nature. I’m 39 now, and I have never used any supplements before. I have never had the benefit of anything, as I didn’t feel there was any benefit to these things.

I was however, very focused on eating and living naturally, without additives and junk. Through this, I came into contact with a woman called Caroline.

Caroline told me about a product called Zeolite. Made from volcanic ash, Zeolite can remove toxins from your body.

As you can imagine, I thought it was rubbish. The company selling the product seemed to be a marketing company, and I presumed it was simply a scam. Just another way to make money. I told Caroline that I was definitely not interested.

A while later, I went to the dentist to have a check-up. This particular dental clinic offered removal of mercury fillings from the mouth. Unfortunately England is the only country where they do not classify mercury as being toxic – despite all other countries declaring that it is poisonous and a heavy metal – and so finding a clinic that was offering this service was a rarity.

As I was there, I thought I would ask the dentist if he had ever heard of Zeolite. When I asked him, he immediately told me, “Yes. I know all about Zeolite. It’s been around in America for at least 10 years, and has been used in various forms for the last 50.” He then drew me a picture of acidic cells, and showed me how electrons are pairing up incorrectly, and cancer cells are forming.

Immediately, and despite my earlier reservations, I was intrigued. I decided to meet again with Caroline, and purchase a sample of this Zeolite.

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I used the bottle for a few weeks, and then Caroline gave me a call to see how I was getting on. I had to be honest, and told her I hadn’t noticed any difference at all. As suspected, it was nonsense. Caroline asked if we could meet up and have a longer chat about exactly what Zeolite is meant to do for people. I agreed. I was still sceptical, but at this point I was prepared to listen to what she had to say.

We met, and Caroline began to ask me questions. As we talked, I suddenly realised things had changed. There had been benefits, but I hadn’t recognised them. I had been able to cycle up hills more easily, which as you can imagine living in Bristol, was a huge benefit. There was no lactic acid in my body, and overall I had been feeling stronger and far more energised. I had been sleeping better, and my mood had improved.

As I looked at my fitness levels over the past few weeks, I started to see that all these changes had occurred. I realised that Zeolite was beneficial, and decided to keep taking it on regular basis.

Two months on, and I felt like a super human. I decided that Zeolite was amazing, and had never felt healthier or fitter.

Seven months on, and something happened. The lactic acid began to come back. It wasn’t as strong as it was before I began taking Zeolite, but it seemed to come in waves. I decided to do some research.

I investigated the area of Oxidative Stress. It turned out that we need a small amount of Oxidative Stress to improve and adapt, so removing it completely was not a long-term solution for health. This is why the lactic acid had started to come back, and Zeolite was controlling it at a healthy level. Zeolite controlled the flow, so it is produced, but doesn’t accumulate, leading to the wave sensation I was experiencing.

At this point I decided I was really going to focus on this, and would start a crusade to spread the word about Zeolite and the benefits it brings. I gave a sample to several personal trainers, and asked for their feedback. Most of them responded positively. Increased fitness during repetitions, more chin-ups; whatever they were up to, Zeolite was proving beneficial.

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