ProTom Fitness Evolution

I have been asked to join a group and they wanted to know more about us. I thought I will share this with you to get better understanding about what we offer. Protom Fitness offers a unique range of classes and services. Most classes have been designed in-house by our team of professional trainers. Our classes include Quickboxing (martial art based boxing, kickboxing, Thai boxing and high intensity interval training), Abdomimax® (medicine ball functional circuit training) and , Abdomimax® Action (group personal training).

In addition, we are proud to offer Abdominax® online – an innovative online platform developed to educate people around the world about injury-free training. We use a unique Kettlebell tri planer training system and a Tabata Circuit Training. The Tabata is similar to the High Intensity Interval Training routine, used by many athletes, but further developed using different equipment and combined with anaerobic threshold training.

Protom Fitness also offer bodyART™. It is a mixture of Pilates and Joga , which sculpts, tones and stretches the muscles.

We can also provide complementary services such as Reiki, massage, Kinesiology etc. We are always thinking of new ways to help more people reach their fitness goals. Currently, I am working on a new system which combines martial art elements with body weight training with a partner. This is task-based and varied, keeping our clients entertained whilst still ensuring a good workout.

I am actively looking for 2 professionals to collaborate with on my upgraded Abdomimax® training system and an Abdomimax® super slow version, integrating Joga moves and Tai Chi. I am looking for those who are the best in their field, dedicated to these systems, as I am committed to creating the best possible fitness approach to train people in methods which are pain and injury free. 

I take this very seriously and want to work with others who share that passion and commitment. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share my programmes with you all. You can follow my training system on Instagram please follow me and I will follow you in return, so that we can collaborate, share ideas and learn from each other.