The horrible push up photo

Incorrectly done push up

Millions of people receive newsletters every week from myfitnesspal. People put their trust in the content. What you see and hear you will believe. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

I follow myfitnesspal to find out about anything that I do not already know. Surprisingly I did not learn much, but of course I am at the top of my game and as an innovator it is difficult to please me. There were a couple of times when I really wanted to say something, write back to say, “This video is misleading. This content is again just clever marketing.”

Now I am not into cooking so I can’t comment about that content, but from the fitness point of view the content is pretty poor. After seeing this stock photo in the last newsletter, I had to write this blog post. Have a look at the picture below. This is one of the most horrifying push up or press up photos I have ever seen. I mean I kind of understand that the people who are choosing the images are probably not experts in the field but this is just too much. I personally feel like someone just poked me in the eye with a knife or something

This is the push up that will never get you to achieve the real aim. I also see personal trainers with their clients executing the push up like this, dropping the hip to the floor and putting pressure on the spine within L4 and L5. Most women are flexible so they can get away with it, but time is like a bullet from behind. It will catch up with you, and with the wrong execution it will get there slowly but surely and cause an injury. It is insane, even taking a photo like this and not making a note.

Listen people this is not how you should be doing it! If you wish to learn more just visit my video about how to do a proper press up. I have shared this video a thousand times, but it looks like I have to keep on doing it to educate people on how to train pain and injury free.