Accountability and motivation – You need to be challenged

Just making a quick video.

I have a Thai boxing coach and everybody knows I am a personal trainer in Bristol. I train myself pretty hard to be honest but it was so great to come back to my trainer. 

I didn’t have a chance to train for the last four or five months, and this was my first session back. I wanted make this video just because of how good I feel. So relaxed.

I was so tired after the one-hour session, a lot of punches, a lot of kicks, a lot of fitness in the end. But anyway, if you don’t have a trainer and if you don’t train with someone or you don’t go to a class or anything, you don’t know what you are losing.

That is for sure. Even for me, and I can push myself pretty hard, it is amazing how much extra you can get from a trainer. I just wanted to share this video. If you don’t have a trainer and you are serious about your health and serious about your fitness, you should have a trainer.

training the personal trainer

If you don’t have a trainer, you don’t know what you are losing. I am so energized today. I feel so good, so relaxed, and it is such an extra benefit to have somebody push you to your limits. Find a trainer for yourself. That is my message.

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