The Only Way Is….. Education

Did you know I’m a big TOWIE fan? And I’m not referring to those orange, Essex people on TV.

So why am I a TOWIE fan? Because when it comes to fitness – I believe ‘The Only Way is Education’.

Education, education, education

Like Tony Blair once said – the key to success is education. But why?

So many people get gym memberships and move from machine to machine without knowledge of how to use the machine’s effectively or how to structure their workout.

They might work really hard in the gym but can’t work out why they’re getting poor results. Their gym membership is just money down the drain and they’re doing nothing to improve their fitness, wellbeing or waistlines.

The thing is, exercising without being educated is a bit like baking a cake without a recipe – it’s a bit hit and miss. You might manage to bake a cake but how good will it taste? But you could bake a much more delicious cake if you follow a few simple instructions.

Wondering how to gain more from your workouts?

If you really want get fit, it’s important to learn how to train the right way.

Some help from a personal trainer will give you the right skills to be able to get more out of your workouts – helping you to reach your goals quicker. Personal trainers can also advise on the best diet to complement your training – helping you understand what you should be eating and when you should be eating it.

A trainer will also teach you the correct posture and technique that will not only maximise your workouts but help you to train safely, without injury. And by watching you as you train, they can correct you, helping you to maintain the correct technique throughout the training session.

And finally, a personal trainer will also push you – in ways that you would never push yourself.

Although, not all trainers are good trainers. Lots of young, inexperienced people are gaining their qualifications without proper knowledge of how the body works so make sure you always pick a trainer with lots of all-round experience and a genuine care and passion for working out safely.

Get fit the right way with Abdomimax® Gym Skills

If you think you need some extra help to get the most of your workouts, then my Abdomimax® Gym Skills course could be for you.

It’s a 5 week programme we’ll teach you the right techniques that will help you get stronger and fitter, whilst remaining injury free. And you’ll even receive your own personal diet plan – created just for you by our own nutritionist. At the end of the course, you’ll take home a four-week exercise plan, to do at home or at the gym – so that you can carry on your fitness journey. And all for just £99.

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