Thai Kickboxing video tutorial part 3

Here is the 3rd of my Thai kickboxing fitness tutorial videos. In this video we show the jab, cross, hook, body hook combination. 

The body hook comes from the core, supported by the legs. We are demonstrating a shorter version of the body hook as boxers are opening more than kickboxers and Thai boxers. 

From the point of health and fitness, we try to keep our hand and arm close to our sagittal plain to take the stress off the shoulder. In this video as you see the left shoulder can be safely engaged before the rotation from the hips.

I had a chat with my previous coaches and we agree and disagree on couple of things. Every punch has a purpose and every punch is a set up for the next move.

Boxer’s punches are very strong but they do not rotate much on the ball of the foot. However as Kickboxers and Thai boxers, we can effectively execute the punch from the ball of the foot through the knee than the hips and finally through the shoulder. Twisting the fist at the end is crucial as well.

I will go into this in more detail in further videos where we do some kicks, especially roundhouse kicks!

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