Thai Kickboxing video tutorial part 4

Welcome to my 4th Thai kickboxing fitness tutorial video. This video shows a longer combination but with repetition. Here, we demonstrate the uppercut, hook, cross, body hook, uppercut hook cross.

This video is a good demonstration of what can go wrong if you don’t have control.

In the sequence, we missed one punch. It is very important for the person who is practicing and executing the combination to always be in control.

So many injuries happen because the trainer miss the sequence and the person who is punching in full power, full power is pointless without good technique and good body control.  

Locking the elbow in full extension is always dangerous and pointless. Also punching through the target and fully extending your elbow could hurt your elbow and even your partner’s shoulder, especially when punching a hook.

We changed the combination just to demonstrate what happens when you miss a punch and how to control the jab or the cross. The modified boxing combination we showed was uppercut, hook, cross, body hook; cross, hook, uppercut.

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