How to improve your golf swing and avoid lower back pain (Part 1)

As I always say, posture is everything.

We face the same problem in any sports. If our posture is not in the right alignment, we will face long term pain in our lower back. 

The correct term for this problem is thoracic (spine) kyphosis (curve).

You will probably seek a physiotherapist or chiropractor who can give you some basic exercises to fix you and in the worst case scenario you continue training with your personal trainer who lets you to lift and exercise in poor form.

I see this all the time. If your therapist does not spend the time to asses you and your personal trainer lets you train with a bad posture, it doesn’t really matter how good and expensive your physio is, they will not be able to able to fix you!

Common mistakes are in cable exercises and suspension training are as follows:

1.Overactive trapezius muscle action

2. Rhomboids disfunction (which can cause a chain reaction in other parts of the body, see image) and no shoulder blade stabilisation

Rhomboid chain

3. Body of mass or centre of gravity placement not balancing your body weight to support the exercise.

neck flectors

(Can be corrected with he help of a balance board) 

4. Connection with the floor for force production is poor.

5. Executing rotation without good foundation will cause imbalance 

6. Lack of control between muscle groups

7. Exercise executed to fast

8. Breathing doesn’t work alongside with the agonist and antagonist muscle groups

The list is can be longer of course but these are the most common problems.  The instruction in this video does not only applies to golf players. It is important to follow the same rules if you are involved in any type of exercise and take your time to learn how to do the exercises right whilst also understanding the exercises purpose.

So back to golf… Players are very much dominant on one side and it is important to balance out both sides. There are articles around where professionals say it is not big deal but personally if you look at nature, everything is perfectly balanced and in symmetry.

Keeping and engaging the right muscles are essential to be pain free. Being efficient will help you to save time on your training and get quicker result in your fitness and performance!

Try to avoid personal trainers who are not keen on technique and quantity orientated, they do the most damage on sport people and the general public!

Do you need to improve your sport performance?