BUILDING FIRE – Thai boxing combination with Suzy

People come to me to be trained, but that is not all…

People come to learn.

Anyone can be a trainer but not many can actually teach. With the right words, approach and time, I have taught many of my clients invaluable lessons.

I also record my PT sessions and fitness classes. Doing this enables my clients too see how their bodies move and then learn from these movements.  I’ve learnt so much from my clients over the years and it’s  been an amazing experience.

The only thing you cant really teach is the FIRE and the attitude I witness! That has to come from within. Even if the movements are not perfect the it’s the that FIRE matters – the inner fire to DO IT!

Check out my recording of Suzy below!

Suzy drops her hands and that’s her bad habit. 🙁

Although, no one told her not to do this previously! I won’t give up on her as easily as others did. Suzy will get there.  Suzy must work on her hip rotation as well but she has the fire and women with fire are great to train! 🙂

I’m always looking for people with fire and passion – it’s great to work with them and they love to work with me.

The film shows: A Thai boxing Combination – jab, cross hook rear knee to front elbow to finish with rear low kick.

sue thai kickboxing
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