How to improve your golf swing and avoid lower back pain (Part 2)

We already talked about most of the postural mistakes in the Golf swing – video 1, so please hit the link under the video to watch that first. In this video we follow the same principles in the first video however there is a crucial factor which we must discuss. Most people’s lumbar curve is between 20-40 degrees. Everything under or over will cause lumbar lordosis. In other words, there is a maximum 3cm forward tilt in the hips.

This lumbar curve can suppress your lower back pain massively, however it is different in women and also depends how the body muscle structure developed and is maintained around the hips.

People with anterior pelvic tilt will put compression on L4-L5 vertebra and will execute this exercise with posterior pelvic tilt. Our mission is to do the opposite. In the video above we keep focus on keeping the shoulders down and engage the Rhomboids between the shoulder blades. Make sure if you have tilt forward between 3 cm and 6 cm, tuck your hips under (Posterior pelvic tilt).

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