Thai Kickboxing video tutorial – Part 5

This video I demonstrate how to work with a partner on our Thai kickboxing fitness classes in Bristol and also if you train with a friend in the gym, you could follow the same principles.

  1. Jab, cross, hook, cross
  2. uppercuts
  3. hooks
  4. Body hooks

Keeping the arms close to your sagittal plane is essential in all combinations, and also instead of pushing your arms into the punches, try to stay in sync with your partner and move as little as possible. You just need to support the impact, not punch against the punch.

It is very uncomfortable for the person who is punching and also shortening down the distance will not going to help to improve accuracy.

The aim is to avoid full extension of the elbow but maximize the power on impact. After hitting the target it is depending on the combination but your mission is get back to guard or move.

Combination 1

left leading stance:

Uppercut, hook, cross body hook followed left uppercut right hook to reload to the right side again to a cross

Combination 2

left leading stance:

Jab, hook, uppercut with the left arm which is your leading arm. As you can see all the punches reset to a reloaded position through the hips.

the transverse plan rotation is short and sharp and the arms already set to the target.

Beginners should avoid reloading to make sure they imprint the right rotational patterns. To get stronger on these punches you are not only need to train your upper body but your core as well. Great exercise for this purpose is the Russian twist on cable!

Combination 3

left leading stance:

uppercut, hook, cross to front uppercut, hook, jab

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