Getting involved in adventure racing in the UK

Do you know what adventure racing is? Would you like to know how to get involved, start training and book your first race ? If so, then read on!

Adventure racing is a multi-disciplinary team sport involving navigation over an unmarked wilderness course, with races extending anywhere from two hours up to two weeks in length.

Trail Running • Mountain Biking • Navigation

We are very fortunate at ProTomFitness – Abdomimax to know and train the captain of a three-time,  world champion, adventure racing team!

I had a great night last night at a talk given by Nick Grace, the captain of GODZone Adventure Team. Nick wowed us with his experiences of the Patagonia expedition race. I recorded the whole event and I will be uploading soon. 

In the meantime, I would like to share with you a post from Nick’s facebook page which contains a wealth of useful information about adventure racing.  For anyone that has an interest in taking up the sport, this is definitely a good place to start!


Thanks to everyone who came to the talk last night on the Patagonia expedition race organised by Swoop – Trail Running in the Andes. I just thought i would put down a few ways to get started in the sport in the UK.

There are 4 excellent Adventure Racing companies in the UK. They cater to all levels but are especially open to beginners:

  1. Questars Adventure Races run 5-hour and 6-hour events in the South of the UK and are an excellent place to start.
  2. Open Adventure run 5-hour events in the North of the UK and also run the ‘Itera’ adventure race which is a 4-day race and the UK leg of the ARWS – Adventure Racing World Series. or
  3. The Burn Series in South Wales are great and they also have races for families and kids.
  4. Tri-Adventure run 2-hour and 4-hour events around the London area. Navigating is core to adventure racing and the British Orienteering website details all the clubs and races in the UK. In Bristol we are very lucky to have the Bristol Orienteering Klub whose army of volunteers organise a huge number of races and training events.

Sleepmonsters – The Adventure Racing Website is the best resource to keep up to date with all the latest news, races and gear reviews.

ProTom Fitness – 4 Core Fitness have kept me injury free for the last 3 years and run amazing strength and conditioning classes.

If you ever have any questions please feel free to message me through this facebook page.

Adventure Racing is an incredible sport and i hope to see you at a race soon.

Nick Gracie

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