MOVEAward Finalists – Best Bristol Personal Trainer

Many of you may know that ProTom Fitness was nominated for Best Bristol Personal Trainer in Move GB’s 2015 MOVEawards.

Well after over 10,000 votes, the results are in!

Although we didn’t win – we received a special mention from one of the judges which made me feel very proud.

“I for one felt incredibly humbled reading the amazing lengths at which you all go to provide the very best in customer experience. The decision was a very close one and the judges highly praised all that you do for your customers.”

We have a great team here at ProTom Fitness – and I’m incredibly proud of both my team and my clients.

My business is my passion and I wanted to share with you my award entry – to show you how much I care about you and the great things we achieve together.

So I hope you enjoy reading our award entry. Next year – we are going for Gold!

1.What’s is the core purpose or mission of your organisation/service?

We believe that there’s a big difference between simply moving and moving well. We provide all our clients (through personal training, group personal training and fitness classes) with high quality training that focuses on teaching the correct technique in order to improve performance and prevent injury.

By educating our clients to move in the right way, we are not only helping them to get stronger and fitter, we are also teaching them new skills.

Our clients range from pro-athletes to nine to fivers, but our mission for all our clients is the same – to teach them the skills to exercise in the safest and most beneficial way.

2. When it comes to customer experience, please detail the processes and investment you make in this area?

We want all our clients to feel looked after from the moment that they first inquire. We employ an answering service to ensure every person can speak to a human being and not a machine. We then aim to return all calls within a few hours.

We begin any new client relationship with a free strategy call. In this call, we listen to the client’s needs and then discuss the services that could meet their goals and suit their budget. Many enquirers have told us that a key reason for choosing ProTom Fitness was because we were the only fitness company that took the time to listen to their needs.

For all our services (personal training, group personal training and fitness classes) we offer a trial session, with a money back guarantee (but it is very rare that clients ask for their money back!). We want our clients to really make sure that they feel comfortable working with us before they book any sessions – and a trial session is a great way to do this.

When training our clients, we try to offer a personal service. Our personal training service is obviously designed for each individual but we also strive to do this in our classes too. We deliberately limit the numbers in our group personal training and fitness classes so that we have time to give each client some individual attention to help them with their technique.

For some of our services, we also offer clients access to an online training system that they can use at home. This features exclusive exercise routines that cannot be found anywhere else.

We also have a number of systems and processes to make using our services easy. We have an online booking system where clients can view, book and pay for classes at any time of day or night. Mobile users can also access this system on the move through a mobile app.

To encourage and motivate our clients, we send clients a weekly email to tell them about our latest fitness articles and free training videos.

3. Please give an example of great customer experience you have?

We have been working with a semi-professional ice hockey player who came to us for personal training. His goals were to improve his core strength in order to enhance his sports performance and alleviate the lower back pain that he was experiencing.

In order to design a programme to tackle these goals, we first began with a full assessment – where the client’s movements were analysed. We found that the back pain was originating from one side of the clients body and the way in which he was moving was a key cause. When conducting these assessments, we always video our clients. The video is then used to demonstrate the areas of concern to our clients and also to track improvement over time.

We designed a tailored core strength programme – and then supported the client to execute it in the right way. After 2 weeks, the client was delighted that his back pain had reduced and we continue to work with him to improve his core strength.

The client also impressed with our service. He was able to book a personal training session at a time and location convenient to him, because we have a team of high quality personal trainers. He was also impressed that he received proper stretching at the end of each session – undertaken by the trainer. This is a standard practice – and essential to prevent pain or injury.

This is just one example of great customer experience but we aim to provide the same high quality experience to every personal training client.

Please give 3 customer testimonials that support your investment in customer service.

Abdomimax group personal training classes testimonial

Wedding fit personal training, to lose weight for your wedding

Abdomimax group personal training classes testimonial

Please provide a statement on why do you deserve to win the MoveGB award?

We believe that teaching the correct technique is essential to injury-free fitness.

We have an obsessive attention to detail and we really go the extra mile to make sure that every client is executing any exercise in the right way. We won’t compromise on quality!

Unlike some fitness companies, we do not use off-the-shelf routines and you will never find us passively standing by running machines gossiping with our clients.

Each class or personal training session that we run is tailored to get the best out of a client or group. No two sessions are the same and we are constantly finding different ways to challenge our clients.

ProTom Fitness is not just a business – it’s a passion. We are constantly thinking of new ways to help our clients learn how to move in the right way, through classes as well as free training videos and fitness articles.

Our clients are more than just a number to us – and we think that we should win because we are a fitness company that really cares.