Thai Kickboxing video tutorial – Part 6

Today we are demonstrating the front roundhouse kick with a cross hook and Jab cross, front roundhouse kick and cross hook.

Partnering up with someone for roundhouse kicks in traditional kickboxing whilst wearing gloves is very simple. All you need to do is cover your elbow with your glove and with your grip you pull your elbow towards to your rib cage. You creating a surface close to your body so it will be reasonably realistic when your training partner kicks you!

2nd Combination –

Front kick cross, hook, uppercut.

The important thing to remember regarding a push kick or teep, is creating space for your cross or any of your low or roundhouse kicks.

As you can see in the video above, there are two options regardingthe execution of this move. You can either…

  1. lean back – For holding your opponent up and leaning away from any punches or kicks.
  2. keep your body weight behind your kick- For being an aggressor and attack, you need a very strong core and able to keep your posture upright on this kick. Finishing the aggressor version you will definitely need to step out and create space for an uppercut or body hook.

The main reason for stepping out is to not be swept, or if your opponent clinch you, you will need to keep your foot outside, crucial for balance and able to shift or move your body weight!

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