Boxing in the buff

beautiful naked woman in red boxing gloves leaning on ring ropes

Forget fight club – boxing in the buff is the next big thing.

For one night only – you can join us for Bristol’s first ever Boxing in the Buff class where you can go back to nature and experience what it’s like to fight in the nude.

The class takes place on Friday, 1st April.

Be a better boxer – just by taking off your clothes

Scientific studies have shown that fighting in the nude can actually make you a better fighter. Fighting naked increases the levels of testosterone in the body by up to 10% – which increases your levels of skill and aggression.

Scientists call this phenomenon the “caveman effect”. Fighting naked mimics a primal state and induces the same fight-or-flight response that cavemen would have experienced when having to fend off a wild animal or other predators.

Sign up for butt naked boxing today

Sorry, there is no such thing as Boxing in the Buff – we made it all up for a bit of April Fools fun.

But while you’re here – why not check out our brilliant kickboxing classes and read our 4.9 star reviews. You can book a trial session for just £4. Beginners welcome.