Conditioning legs + whole body

This post is about conditioning the whole body and getting strong legs!

I know your body is tired and I am aware fitness is hard work… but I am reasonable! I know how far to push you and how to execute exercises safely.

Using a wall is a great way to execute jumps safely. By doing this we use our arms which help our legs when we get tired. This is also great for core muscles.

As you can see in the video, sometimes my client is braking the movement. Unfortunately the most important part of the training won’t be effective if I let her brake this moment!

Stretch reflex from the calf muscle is essential for keeping the muscle fresh and fast whilst moving the whole body!

Plyometrics are essential to keep the leg muscles fresh. In our personal training sessions we make sure we use them regardless of the sport.

My job is to know when enough is enough and to keep the form through the routine. We had a really great session with Karina (who happens to be the UK number 2 squash player).

would you like to know more about her training?