WARNING – keep away from pubs (not what you think)

Ok… i lied.. maybe go to the gym first and then have a pint in the pub! It is Summer after all!

Today the weather is amazing, it is hot. 33 celsius to be accurate!

Its the best time to get a good sweat on whilst having a great training session.

I hate the winter, I find it very demotivating. I don’t know about you guys but some people hate to sweat whereas I love to sweat! It makes me feel alive when my cooling system kicks in!

so guys… what I’m saying is simply, skip the pub altogether or please at least hit the gym first.

We have so much to benefit from by training in the heat. I know it is harder but when you survive (which you will) and if you push it through you will feel a massive improvement and it will make a massive improvement on your mood!

Watch my video and get motivated and more active through the summer. Get beach body ready. This won’t happen in under a day but when it does happen (and it will) it will be of good benefit to you to train in the warmth, you’ll have less chance to get any injuries if you are new to exercise.

It is difficult training in hot weather but no one said reaching your goals was easy! I will let you in on a secret though… the best things only come to those who earn them!

I personally like having fun with weights and body weight exercises. Its a nice and slow execution workout which lots of repetition or heavier weights and less repetition.

Anyway, was good to check in with you guys and good luck training in this heat. Please remember to keep your joints warm and drop me a message for any info on (air conditioned) classes if you can’t hack training outside in this beautiful weather.

No excuses.