Freeform board Kettlebell Snatch

Lets Play with the kettle bell! But of course… not as usual.

This is an extremely hard on the off side as the stabilization is integrated differently from the skilled side!

You will be surprised when your motor control simply disappears. Some of the stiff and antagonist muscles just doing the same job over and over again!

Check out me doing a demonstration below!

This exersize has so much potential to help fix patterns in some unreal angles.

Through this exercise, you’ll learn that the fitness world is not always as it seems, welcome to the 4th dimension!

Here is what Tony said about the video:

Whoa, that looks tough Tom. Talk about kinetic chain integration and whole body synergy. You actually look quite stable given what your doing, that kettlebell’s going to be putting some forces through the upper body and core and then there is really only one stable limb in the whole movement. Impressive work.

Well I hope this give you guys a little bit of inspiration to go for your goals! I worked very hard from a young age. I got into school to train myself up to one day be here and help you guys achieve your goals.

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